Schools Continue to Line Up for Everson

According to the father of Detroit Mumford athlete Cedric Everson, his son has quietly become one of the most coveted prospects in the state of Michigan. The attention he has received from around the country has been plentiful and it apparently is showing no signs of slowing.

When Cedric Everson made his way to Michigan's campus a few weeks back, he did so with the plan of squeezing a great deal into short amount of time. The 5-11 170-pounder traveled to Ann Arbor for a track meet that just happened to coincide with the Wolverines opening football practice of the spring. Making it to both events would be hectic, but Everson did not miss the opportunity.

"We were running back and forth between the spring practice and the track meet," recalled Everson's dad Cedric Sr. "He set a record in the 400 (with a time of 50.08). Before we came into the (football) practice facility we talked to the coaches. Prior to leaving we did as well. We've been talking ever since. Looking at him on film they aren't quite sure what they want to do with him. The could do some of everything with him."

According to Everson's dad, his son's versatility has continued to pique the interest of some of the nation's top programs. The USC Trojans have apparently made quite a push. "We were on the phone three hours with Pete Carroll last night, and Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Lendale White…all of those guys," Mr. Everson said. "They want him out there so bad. Everybody feels the same way. His film just doesn't lie."

Everson's self-reported scholarship tally seems to back up that assertion. "I know I have a total of about thirty-six offers on the table in writing," Mr. Everson said. "He probably has a total of 56 or 58 offers. All of the top schools you can imagine. All three of the Florida schools. I'm on the phone with John Lilly from the Seminoles almost every day. Georgia, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Notre Dame, UCLA and USC, LSU, Ohio State…it just goes on and on."

The wealth of attention from outside of Michigan has clearly drawn Everson's attention away from the in-state schools. At this point he is leaning toward leaving. "Michigan has got a lot of selling to do," Mr. Everson said regarding the Wolverines. "The thing with Cedric is, he don't want to just fit in someplace. He wants to go someplace where they love him. It's not like Michigan doesn't have a shot with him because as his dad and his coach, I would love for my boy to stay home. I want to see him play. But I want him to know that he's wanted. They just have to love him."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Everson in the coming months.

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