Lorenzo Edwards Wide Open and Taking His Time

A stellar student as well as a standout athlete, safety Lorenzo Edwards of Edgewater High School in Orlando, Fla., has his path to college neatly assured. The only issue remaining is which college he will attend. That is a choice the talented young man is in no hurry to make, as he has some of the finest schools in the country hoping he'll make their campus his home for the next four years.

With 120 tackles - 21 for loss - five interceptions, and five sacks, safety Lorenzo Edwards of Edgewater High School in Orlando, Fla., is used to dismantling opposing players who enter his turf. However, on the school side his goal is to build things. "I want to major in architectural engineering in college," he told GoBlueWolverine.com on Wednesday. "I am looking very hard at the programs each school has in that area. They all seem to have that major."

Edwards is in a program at Edgewater that may allow him to enter college as a sophomore. "I am in AP classes so my core is over a 4.0 GPA," he told Scout.com earlier. "Right now I am doing everything in the classes I am taking. I want to build anything, anywhere. We are in a program that allows us to design buildings, stores, and skyscrapers. In our last grading period, the teacher is going to allow us to go out and get internships."

The 6-foot-2, 223-pound Edwards said he wasn't sure how many schools had offered him a scholarship to play football. "A lot," was his reply when queried. "I haven't sat down with my dad and looked at things, we'll be doing that soon. Right now I'm buckling down and getting ready for the ACT this Saturday."

Edgewater is the same school of 2006 Michigan wide receiever signee Greg Mathews, and the new Wolverine is hoping to bring his teammate along to Ann Arbor. "He tells me all the time how great it is up there," Edwards said. "Michigan is one of the schools I'm looking at, I talk to Coach (Erik) Campbell and Coach (Lloyd) Carr, but I'm wide open right now and don't have any favorites. I'll make my decision after my season is over."

Edwards said that on the football side of his college choice, he will be looking closely at type of defense a school plays, and how they use their safeties. "Each school is asking me where I want to play, and I tell them safety," he said. "I will be visiting as many schools as possible and looking at what they have to offer."

Having already attended the Scout.com combine in Jacksonville, Edwards said he would attend the Nike combine in Miami. As for summer camps, he said he is not certain yet which he will attend. He is looking forward to a busy May, when college coaches will be able to visit his school. "Every coach I've talked to said they will be here during the May evaluation period," he said.

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