Mini-Mallett: Summer Plans Underway

With Texas out of the picture for Ryan Mallett, he is beginning to make his summer plans. Michigan fans will want to take note.

Texarkana, Texas quarterback Ryan Mallett spoke on Friday to GoBlueWolverine.

When GBW last spoke to him (on March 29), he told us he'd just called and dropped Texas and re-opened his recruiting to Michigan and five other schools, but he asked us just to 'hint' that Texas was out of the picture -- he wasn't quite ready for that bombshell to go off.

Now that the dust is settled -- Texas has moved on and taken yet another QB commit -- we asked Mallett if his summer plans are back on track.

When we last talked, you were not sure what your summer plans would be, or whether your U-M Camp plans were still on. Now that you've had time to step back and rethink -- are you planning once again on coming to the Michigan summer camp?


Are you planning on going to any other college camps this summer?


With the others he added, "I'll just visit them."

The other schools: Florida State, Alabama, USC for sure. Probably Notre Dame. And possibly Miami and Auburn.

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