Herron to Visit Spring Practice

Warren, Ohio running back Daniel Herron is the latest prospect form Harding high to catch the attention of the Wolverines. A few players from his high school currently don the Maize and Blue and they are doing what they can to get the youngster to Ann Arbor.

The ties in the state of Michigan run very deep for Warren, Ohio running back Daniel Herron. His brother David is a starting linebacker at Michigan State, while his cousin Prescott Burgess is one of Michigan’s top linebackers. In addition, his former teammate and good friend Mario Manningham is a young star receiver for the Maize and Blue. The two Wolverines have made a concerted effort to be in the youngster's ear about where he should attend college, but his brother has taken a more neutral approach.

“They are always telling me to come to Michigan; this is a school I can come and play at Michigan," Herron said. "They are really trying to pull on me to come there. Basically (his brother) just wants me to go where I’ll fit in at, where I’ll have a good career at.”

The strong connection between Herron's high school (Warren Harding) and Michigan is longstanding. The youngster indicated that it's something he has definitely noticed. “I like to say because of the coaches" Herron explained. "They show us a lot of love. They come and see us a lot. That might be one of the reasons some of the players go to Michigan. You start to think, 'maybe I should go too then.' My teammates are going so there must be something good there.”

When asked to evaluate his running style, young Herron pulled no punches. “I have vision," he said. "I've got a move if I need to put a move on somebody. If I have to run somebody over, I’ll run somebody over!”

Herron currently holds offers from Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State and Boston College, but is looking for offers from Michigan and Ohio State. Herron has camped at the two aforementioned schools in the past, and will do so again this summer. However, he hopes that a trip up to Michigan’s spring practice this Saturday will help him net another offer.

“They’ve talked to me a lot about it," said Herron. "Hopefully when I go up there this weekend… I hope to get something! I usually go to (the Michigan and Ohio State camps) every year. I might to go some other ones but I don’t know. (Michigan's) was real nice. They treated us real nice. It’s somewhere I’m definitely thinking about going.”

Herron's decision timetable calls for him to make his choice before his season starts. He has a set list of criteria for evaluating the programs on his list, and if today were signing day, he has a clear idea of where he'd be going.

“Education, somewhere I can fit in real good," Herron said regarding what he's looking for in a program. "I want to go somewhere and play. I don’t want to just be on the team. I want to be playing. If I had to pick a school out of all my offers right now, I’d be going to Minnesota.”

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