Michigan Turns up Heat on Harris

The temperature has been on the rise the past few days in our great state of Michigan. Some might attribute that to Mother Nature, but for Corperryale Harris the culprit goes by the name of Tommy Amaker. The Wolverines head man has teamed up with assistant Mike Jackson to turn up the heat on "Manny," and the youngster has taken notice.

Corperryale Harris let it be known recently that he wanted Michigan to show him a little more attention and that is just what Tommy Amaker have done.

“It has picked up for the better in terms of how they are coming at me," Harris said. "They want me to know how interested they are and how much they like my game”.

Harris spoke with both Amaker and Jackson in the hours after Alex Legion de-committed last week to re-affirm his interest in the Wolverines. He chatted again with Jackson just yesterday, and received further proof that the Michigan coaching staff feels that Ann Arbor is where he should spend his collegiate career.

“Our conversations went real good," Harris said. "They told me how interested they were in me and that they would like for me to visit the campus as soon as possible. I want to get up there and talk to them face to face to see what the plan is for me at Michigan.”

“(Coach Amaker) was calm," recalled Harris. "He told me he liked my game. Just the interest from him was cool in itself. I feel comfortable talking with him. Coach Jackson is a real cool person too someone I feel I can talk to also”.

While it's clear that Michigan has put "Manny" in their crosshairs, they are by no means the only program to do so. Other schools have been consistently knocking on his door. Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl and an assistant were in Detroit a few weeks back to check out Harris' game. Marquette has called, as have UCLA assistant Ernie Ziegler, Illinois assistant Tracy Webster, and Wisconsin coaches Bo Ryan and Howard Moore. Marquette seemingly has special appeal since he has a sister that attends the school. However, Harris indicated that will not have an effect on his choice.

“That might be the best place for her it might not necessarily be the best place for me," he said. "I have to do what is in my best interest”.

For the time being, Harris is taking all of the attention in stride. All of the fuss has been flattering, but he will not let it alter his plan.

“I am enjoying the recruiting process so far," Harris said. "My timetable comes down to how I feel about a certain school and how they feel about me.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Harris in the coming weeks.

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