EGR Big Man Davis-Budanauro Misses Home

Darrell Davis-Budanauro is definitely the big man on campus at East Grand Rapids, Mich., High School. The Carrolton, Texas native is experiencing a completely different world since moving north. Will he stay in-state for college?

At 6-foot-5, 350-pounds, offensive lineman Darrell Davis-Budanauro is definitely the big man on campus at East Grand Rapids, Mich., High School. However, for the Carrolton, Texas native, it is a new experience. "Things are very different up here," he told "I'm really the biggest guy here. In Texas, there are a lot of people like me so I never stood out."

Davis-Budanauro grew up in Texas and moved to Michigan when his father found work. It has been an adjustment, but while talking on the phone Davis-Budanauro appeared to be taking things in stride. Still, some of the changes haven't been so pleasant. "I hate the snow," he said. "I'm learning to drive in it and I almost crashed once."

Not only is the living experience different, so is the attitude about football. In Texas, football is king. "It's a year-round sport," Davis-Budanauro said. "Right now I'd be suiting up and playing with the guys. We're not doing anything here; I miss it and would go back if the opportunity came."

That opportunity would most likely come in the form of a football scholarship, and at this time the only offer the talented player has is from Michigan State. "I have a real good relationship with the coaches there and I like Michigan State a lot," he said. "I'm going to take my time and see how things go before making any decisions, but Michigan State is really up there for me." The Spartans are the only offer for Davis-Budanauro at this time, he said.

Michigan hosted the big man on Saturday during their final spring practice, and Davis-Budanauro said he enjoyed the experience. "It was a lot of fun, the place is really incredible," Davis-Budanauro said of Michigan Stadium. "I haven't heard a lot from them since (former offensive coordinator) Terry Malone moved on. If a school like Michigan or Ohio State were to offer that would change my thinking about things a lot. Those schools win championships and have so much tradition."

Davis-Budanauro added, however, that he wouldn't hesitate to accept an offer from a Texas school. "I want to go home," he said. "I haven't heard a lot from the schools in Texas since I moved up here, but my friends tell me they keep telling the college coaches about me, but nothing yet."

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