Barksdale Keeping Options Open

Joseph Barksdale recaps his spring game experiences at Michigan and Notre Dame and also discusses when he plans to pare down his list.

Detroit Cass Tech standout Joseph Barksdale hit the road the past few weekends to take catch a little spring football before some of the teams broke camp for the summer, and the experience proved to be enjoyable. With stops at Michigan and Notre Dame in consecutive weekends, Barksdale had another chance to with the coaches and players at those respective programs.

"I went to Michigan and brought Zachary Easterly and two other sophomore teammates," recalled Barksdale. "It was nice. I got a chance to speak with basically all of the coaches. Notre Dame's was a little more interesting. They have some really dedicated fans, so we (the recruits) were signing autographs for days. Notre Dame also had a full-contact type thing whereas at Michigan, they would do some stretches, run a few plays, but no hitting."

At this point in the process Barksdale still claims no favorites. However, he does know what will eventually set one school a part from all of the rest.

"That school will send me more academic information about their college," Barksdale said. "They'll send a depth chart that includes their most recent recruiting class. It's really just being straightforward with me rather than trying to beat around the bush about the playing time situation and other things that have to do with that college."

With his list of offers on the rise, determining who straightforward and who isn't has become more difficult. For Barksdale, though, his parents are helping maintain proper perspective throughout the process and making sure that he doesn't make any hasty decisions.

"Right now they're concerned with me keeping my options open," said Barksdale. "They want me to keep an open ear to all of the schools…which I am. Miami is the latest offer and I'd still like to hear from Texas and USC. I probably won't narrow things down until after the third game of the season. After I make sure we're where we need to be as a team, then I'll star looking at myself as an individual and start narrowing down the colleges."

The next thing on the agenda for Barksdale is hitting a series of summer camps and combines. Over the next few months he will be getting a better feel for a few schools on his list while also competing with and against some of the best talent in the country.

"I'm planning to visit the Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State camps," he said. "I'll also be going to the Nike combine at Ohio State. Those are the only definite plans I have."

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