Mallett to Announce Tuesday

GoBlueWolverine spoke to the Texarkana, Texas quarterback after the Michigan coaches left his school Monday evening, after spending the day with his coaches and watching practice.

Fve-star quarterback Ryan Mallett's high school was visited by a contingent of Michigan coaches on Monday. They visited with Mallet's high school coaches, then watched Mallett at a spring practice, and finally watched film after practice with the Texarkana coaches.

Here is what Mallett told GoBlueWolverine on Monday evening:

"I'm announcing my decision tomorrow."

"It'll be after school, either before or after practice."

Will he hold a press conference?

"I'm not a press conference kind of guy. I'll just announce it on our local radio station -- it's an ESPN radio affiliate."

So will Mallet's other finalists, Oklahoma, Alabama and Florida State, get a final crack at him?

"They will all be in tomorrow."

For GoBlueWolverine's opinion on where he is going, go to our premium message board, The Victor's Club: GBW's Mallett percentage.

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