Mallett Dials up Dionte Allen

Ryan Mallett has wasted little time seizing his new leadership role with the Michigan Wolverines. The Texarkana quarterback let his fingers do the walking Monday evening, and Orchard Lake St. Mary's corner Dionte Allen was on the receiving end of one of the calls.

Dionte Allen Profile

"He gave me a call (Monday night)," Allen said regarding his phone conversation with Ryan Mallett. "I had never talked to him before. I just remembered him from the camp. He said, ' man, are you ready to commit or what?' He said, ' you need to stop playing around. That's your hometown! They're going to show you love up there.' He told me I needed to come with him to Michigan."

While Mallett's pitch was well received, Allen was not quite ready to join the gunslinger in making a verbal. The desire to get out and see the world a bit is still preventing him from closing off his options.

"I was talking to Coach 'E' (Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English), and he was like, 'what's the deal man? What's going on?' I was like, 'look coach E., I've been liking Florida State since I was little and I just want to go check it out and see what it's like.' He was like, 'that's fair.' He understood where I was coming from. Not many kids from around here get recruited by Florida State, Miami, and USC. I want to get out a little and see what those places are like. I was at one of Michigan's practices on a Thursday a few weeks ago, and I was talking to Coach Carr about it. He said, 'Dionte, you need to go ahead and do that. Go on those visits.' He understood too."

Allen stated previously that he would try to make a few his trips during the spring and then participate in a few of the school camps in the fall. Those plans, however, seem to have changed.

"I'm probably not going to mess with any camps," he said. "I'll probably just go to the Michigan camp. I'm trying to figure out when I'll go to Florida State. I wanted to try to go this spring but I wasn't able to. They're coming down to my school (Wednesday). Miami and Notre Dame came (Tuesday)."

"I'm probably going to take some official visits," Allen continued. "I'll probably pick a school after the season."

Though Allen didn't make travel as much as he would have liked this spring, he did make down to the Ohio State spring game last weekend. While taking in the experience in Columbus, he suddenly began thinking about the Maize and Blue.

"When I was at Ohio State, it was crazy," recalled Allen. "Fans were chanting my name and everything. I thought to myself, 'if it's like that down here in Ohio, think of what it would be like if I go to Michigan! They'd have mad love for me up there!' "

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Allen in the coming weeks.

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