Michigan Drops in on Marcus Gilchrist

Michigan made it down to the Tar Heel State last week to check in on CB/WR Marcus Gilchrist. GoBlueWolverine caught up with T Wingate Andrews High coach Derek Anderson to find out how things went.

Marcus Gilchrist Profile

For those that haven't seen Marcus perform, talk about what kind of player he is.

"Well, we line him up a little bit of everywhere. Running back, wide receiver, and he's a big deal for us in our special teams. He's an All-State performer as a punt and kick returner as a junior. He's a really elusive return specialist. A lot of big play type skills. He has great body control. I think that's one of his biggest strengths. It gives him a lot of ability to play at the corner position because he can make adjustments to so many balls. But he also could be a very strong wideout. It just depends on the scheme. But he's most interested in playing corner."

"Marcus is a unique player and he's a great worker. I guess the thing that makes him unique is he's a better person than he is a player. In the early process about 20 coaches have already been through to talk about Marcus. In my tenure here as a head coach at Andrews he's the most highly recruited player I've had."

Is there a player in college or the pros that we might compare him to?

"I kind of shy away from comparisons. I guess some people may make a comparison to Reggie Bush because he wears #5, but he's not quite as big as Bush. When you look at the Michigan guys in the past, I think of guys like Desmond Howard. He's similar in stature and size to Howard."

Speaking of Michigan, did they make it down to your school last week?

"Yes, Ron English, the defensive coordinator came by (Wednesday). We were having our agility day and he had an opportunity to see him go through some things. He was quite impressed, particularly with Marcus' footwork, quickness, and explosiveness. I think he just wanted to put the eyeball test on Marcus. He said, 'Coach, I saw him go through two drills, and I don't need to see any more.' He talked a lot about the great defensive backs that have been through Michigan. In particular we talked a lot about one of the other North Carolina guys that played safety there, Tripp Welbourne."

"I happened to know Tripp from back in our younger days. I'll tell you what, Tripp and his brother Keith were very explosive. I remember telling coach English that Tripp had 'All - something' in front of his name for most of his life. He was All-City, All-County, All-Conference, All-State, and All-American…and in more than one sport. He was a unique baseball player and basketball player…just a tremendous athlete. Michigan always sneaks in and gets one or two out of the Carolinas. We feel like we've got a good brand of football and some good quality programs throughout our state.

Knowing Marcus as you do, what do you think will be the most significant factors in his choice?

"I think the biggest part, and Marcus has been consistent with this throughout the process…the educaltional aspect is going to be a big part in his decision. Quite honestly stability of the staff and football tradition will as well. The other thing is, is he going to have the opportunity to pursue what he wants to major in? He interested in computer engineering or information technology. Graduation rates and those type of things are really important. Those are the main factors for him."

Marcus has already indicated that Michigan is one of the schools he will get out and see this summer. With 21 offers so far, what other schools do you think he'll make it to?

"Notre Dame has shown a lot of interest in him as well. The proximity of both Notre Dame and Michigan gives him the opportunity to maybe take a look at both of those programs this summer. He's quite interested in the University of North Carolina. He's also interested in Clemson and Virginia tech. He's trying to take visits to most of the in-state schools and those that are fairly close by…and getting most of those taken care of before the summer is out."

Do you think playing both football and basketball at the next level is in his future?

"There's no doubt that he could be successful with it. He's mature enough. I told him the big factor he's got to consider is, 1.) maintaining his academic status and performing well…no sliding in that area, and 2.) the physical toll that it takes on your body. It can be tremendous considering those sports go back to back. The University of South Carolina was showing a lot of interest in him for basketball prior to this onslaught of football offers he received. We've also had some talks with Coach Moore from Michigan. They're in the evaluation process. Those are the two schools, primarily, that have offered him the opportunity play both."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Marcus in the near future.

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