Delvon Roe steps out of Koufos' shadow

Delvon Roe often gets overshadowed by his talented, and older, AAU teammate Kosta Koufos. This spring, however, Roe has stepped out of the shadow cast by his 7-foot teammate. spoke with Roe at the King James Classic, and we've got the latest on his early list of favorites.

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Delvon Roe often gets overshadowed by his talented, and older, AAU teammate Kosta Koufos.

This spring, however, Roe has emerged from Koufos' 7-foot shadow.

A 6-foot-7 sophomore, Roe does all the little things for the King James Shooting Stars. He rebounds, scores at the rim, defends, and provides the team an athletic wing presence. That’s why people are starting to notice the Lakewood, OH native.

“I just try to play my game,” Roe said. “College coaches don’t want to see you score, they want to see what you can do on the other side of the court when you’re not scoring. Can you be big? Can you rebound? Can you run the floor and make your teammates better?” recruiting analyst Dave Telep said Roe is making a move up the recruiting rankings this spring based on his strong play.

“In a state loaded with talent, (Roe) is the guy making the most noise in his class right now," said Telep. “In every different setting he seemingly adds another component to his game. He’s quick to his move and faster with his release down low. He’s making his move.”

Roe has stepped out of Kosta Koufos'
shadow this spring.
Roe’s early list reads like a who’s who: Connecticut, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Illinois, and Indiana.

“It’s getting hectic now,” Roe said of the recruiting process. “I had a good freshman year and people started calling for interviews over the phone. It’s been interesting and fun.”

Illinois has been one of Roe’s most ardent pursuers. Now it appears that Michigan is poised to make their move. In fact, Michigan head coach Tommy Amaker was courtside for Roe’s game Saturday morning at the King James Classic.

“I still talk to them about every week,” Roe said of Illinois. “But I’m starting to talk to Michigan a lot.”

Roe also said he has strong interest in Louisville. The Cardinals are one of the favorites to land Koufos, and the idea of continuing to play with the skilled big man in college has a certain appeal.

“We talk about what colleges he’s looking at, and what colleges I’m looking at,” said Roe. “We know we’re a pretty good tandem to work with. We talk about going to the same school. I’d like to make my decision on what somebody that I know that I’m familiar playing with and hopefully I can help him out at Louisville or wherever he goes.”

Louisville assistant Marvin Menzies got a first hand look at Koufos and Roe Saturday night at the King James Classic, and Roe said there’s much to like about playing for the Cardinals.

"Louisville's a great school and they always have that one guy that is always good," said Roe. "They always have a lot of guards, great guards. You always want to go to a college that has great guards that can benefit your game.”

Any guard would be thankful to have Roe on their side too.

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