Big Week For WR Toney Clemons

The Pittsburgh wide receiver told GoBlueWolverine: "Michigan was in to my school today (Thursday) actually, Coach Campbell. Michigan has been in heavy contact now ..."

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It's been a big week so far for Toney Clemons ... first a great performance at Monday's Elite Combine, then a visit from ...

"Michigan was in to my school today actually, Coach Campbell. Michigan has been in heavy contact now ... they are coming in again on the 16th."

Note: two HS visits can be made during the spring evaluation period -- one 'athletic', one 'academic'.

Is a Michigan offer for sure for you now?

"Oh yeah. I had just not gotten one in the mail from them. But they've made it clear now ... I'm a priority for them. They are showing me a lot of love."

"They're telling me I'm their number one guy."

You performed at the Elite Combine?

"Yeah. Coach Campbell was there too."

Our Gene Hankerson says you were the top wideout there -- the one guy who got deep over and over.

"Thanks. That's what I do here, I go deep -- deep routes are my game."

"But I always think I can do better ... I know what I have to work on."

So now that they've offered you, where does Michigan stand?

"Michigan is definitely high on my list -- they are in my top three by far ... I can't really say who the other two are."

"I've been a die-hard Michigan fan since I've been little."

"I've gotten a lot of my tendencies from Braylon Edwards. I get double-teamed most of the time, so I watched him to see how he gets off the line ... he got double-teamed at Michigan all the time -- it's amazing that at that level, in college, he'd beat the double-team. I'm just dealing with it at a high school level, but I wasn't familiar with how to beat it -- so I focused in on Braylon, I watched how he beat it, how he got off the line of scrimmage against it."

"But -- I don't have a favorite ... the process will take it's time."

"I haven't been on any trips."

"Location won't be deciding factor, I'll go anywhere that is the right place for me."

Are you thinking about the Michigan Camp?

"My coach and I talked about it today ..."

"The day Ryan Mallett committed, he texted me, and we've been texting and instant messaging."

"I'll make it over there (to camp) for a couple days and hang out, probably as a visitor, not a camper."

What is your timetable for a decision?

"My mom doesn't want me to commit early. She wants me to take my time, weight my options, go on trips. So I will do that out of respect for her."

"But my mom and dad are not swaying me anywhere -- they tell me I have to go to school wherever I pick, they don't."

"So it could go all the way to signing day ... if I make the Army All-American game I might do it then."

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