"Today he threw ..." Guess Who?

A certain Texas quarterback got measured yesterday as well, and he just keeps on growing ... here's the latest.

Texas High School in Texarkana, Texas is in their last week of spring practice. GoBlueWolverine spoke to an assistant coach at the school on Tuesday afternoon.

"I went up to the Michigan spring game a few weeks back. Coach Norton (the Texans' head coach) didn't go -- it was just me."

So, how is it going for Ryan Mallett and the Texans?

"Ryan .... what can I say ... we measured him today -- 6-7, 244 pounds."

And how is he throwing the ball?

"Today he threw an 83 yard pass."

A touchdown bomb?

"I mean on a rope, coach ... on a rope."

This may be the strongest arm Michigan fans are ever going to see on an incoming Wolverine quarterback.

"When I was up there Coach Carr told me Ryan has the best arm he's ever seen on a high schooler."

Sounds like Michigan fans are going to be pleased with what they are getting in Ryan.

"I'll send you guys a highlight film."

Michigan fans can't wait!

"And the best thing about him -- he's a great kid ... he's humble, and he has a great personality -- he is fun for all of us to be around."

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