Mitchell Schwartz Takes Time To Talk

After a week of combines -- the Socal combine and the Nocal Stanford Nike Combine -- Los Angeles offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz sequestered himself to catch up on his AP studies ... he's a 4.0+ student after all. But last night he took time out to speak to GoBlueWolverine about his Michigan offer.

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So you've been playing catch up on your studies?

"Yeah, I had a AP U.S. History project and a couple of AP English papers I had to get done."

It looks like your combine trip paid off though.

"Yeah. Michigan and Stanford both offered me a scholarship this past week."

What schools have you heard from so far?

"Mainly Michigan and Stanford so far.

" What other schools would you like to hear from?

"USC, Oregon, Miami, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Arizona."

How did Michigan offer you?

"Their recruiting coordinator for my area called my coach and arranged for me to call him ... he offered me then."

So that would be Defensive Coordinator Coach Ron English?


You must be pretty smart if both Stanford and Michigan are interested in you. Your dad told us that you had a GPA of a 4.3 at Palisades High... do you have any test scores yet?

"Yes, I took the ACT last year and got a 29, and I'm planning on taking another one in June. So far I haven't taken a SAT. I'm also taking AP Biology this year, and I will be taking AP Statistics, AP environmental science and Honors English and Honors Government next year."

Do you know what you are interested in majoring in yet in college?

"No, I'm still trying to find out what is going to fit me best."

I know you went to the Southern California Scout combine a week ago ... what were your 40 and shuttle times?

"I ran a 5.28 second 40. I actually had a bettershuttle time at the Stanford Nike of 4.78 seconds ... my Scout combine tshuttle ime was 4.85."

(Note: those shuttle times are both excellent for a big O-liner, and the 5.28 is very good as well.)

What were your measurements at the combine?

"6-feet-6 and 302 pounds."

What position are you being recruited for?

"Offensive Tackle. I normally play left tackle but this next season I'll probably be playing right tackle because we have a left-handed quarterback."

What do you view as your strong points on the field?

"I would say my quickness of feet. And I feel that I'm a smart guy, so I can read the play well and recognize quickly what needs to be done."

Do you have any summer plans -- are you planning to attend any camps?

"I'm not sure yet. As far as college camps this summer probably not because my school gets out June 22 and most camps are in progress or over by that time."

(Note: the Michigan camp is June 18-22.)

"I know my team has been thinking about going to Stockton (Calif.) Lineman Inc. Camp ... as a team so we can learn more techniques and work together before next season.

Do you plan to visit Michigan either this summer or in the fall?

"Yes, I want to visit all the campuses so I can get to see how they look, especially on game day. And I want to meet the coaches. I would really like to make it out for a game."

What is your timetable for your decision?

"Well its still early and I don't plan on making an early decision. I want to see how everything unfolds and then make a decision after my visits."

Do you have a favorite yet or a top three?

"No, not yet, it's still too early to tell for me."

Do your parents have a preference whether you stay close to home or go out of state?

"Well I know they would like me to stay close to home, but they are really supportive of me going to whereever will be best for me. I already have an older brother at Oregon playing on the offensive line, but I don't think that will have much of an influence on me."

"I really want to go to the school that will be best for me."

Mitchell Schwartz at this year's 2006 Socal Combine (photos by GBW's Don Hoekwater):

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