Drew Davis Looking for Michigan Offer

Denver Montbello has a knack for producing some of Colorado's top talent year in and year out. Michigan tapped into that pipeline in 2006 to land defensive end Greg Banks. They may look to do the same again this 2007 for wide receiver Drew Davis.

At 6’2, 210 pounds, Denver Montbello's Drew Davis is considered by some to be the top prospect in the Centennial State. His 45 catches for 988 yards and 16 touchdowns earned him first team all-conference and all-state honors.

A 4.0 in the classroom, Davis points to his size and athletic ability as his biggest assets on the field.

“I’m real big and physical…throwing DB’s off me and creating separation when I break out of my routes," explained Davis. "Whether it be a fade or a dig across, I can run away from a DB. I’m working on running reading routes, the difference between man and zone and option routes, stuff like that I’ll be doing on the next level. We're just doing regular things, man and zone. We don’t practice option routes. Also running routes, breaking down, getting in and out of my routes, looking the ball all the way in and running after I catch the ball.”

Unlike most prospects, Davis will spend the summer polishing his routes instead of hitting a variety of camps.

“This summer, it’s still a toss up," he said. "I don’t plan on attending any but I might attend one, I don’t know which one yet. It’s not likely. I think I’ve done enough, my parents told me I’ve done enough and my coach has.”

On the recruiting front, Davis has already garnered offers from Colorado, Kansas State, Iowa State, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington and Washington State. The Wolverines are in the process of evaluating him and could join the club somewhere down the line.

“They are looking at me as a receiver,” said Davis regarding the Maize and Blue. “They are trying to get me up there for the summer to meet the wide receiver coach and things of that nature. They are looking at other receivers. They're down to their last couple people.”

According to a recent interview done by Scout.com, Davis has high hopes that the Maize and Blue will eventually come forth with a scholarship.

"I have not really gotten that 'big school' offer I am waiting for," Davis said to Scout.com's Andrew Friedman. "I am looking forward to a USC or Michigan-type offer. Both those schools have told me that they don't like offering guys this early because usually when they offer this early, the kids will commit, and they need to make sure they are offering the right players. I totally understand that so I am being patient."

Michigan's point man in Davis' recruitment has been cornerback coach Ron Lee.

“He’s pretty cool, down to earth and I can relate to him a lot,” Davis said regarding the first year Michigan assistant. “He talked to me about some good points… things about the school and why I should pick there.”

Another advocate for the Wolverines is Davis' former teammate, Greg Banks.

“I still talk to him now and then," said Davis. "When school gets over in the summer time, I’ll be keeping in touch with him. When I’m down there for my visit we’ll probably hook up and do something that night.”

As exciting as it might be to play with Banks in college, Davis stopped short of saying that would have an affect on his decision.

“Yes, and at the same time no," said Davis. "I would have a teammate there, which is a good thing for college. No, because I want go somewhere, not by myself but maybe break off from a teammate, not go the same place as him. Maybe his college isn’t my college. It just depends on my major and what I look for in a college”

Davis said Michigan would “definitely” get a visit if offered but his top five is still “a toss up”. He also mentioned academics as a key part of his decision.

“Whether they have my major," said Davis regarding his main decision criteria. "Also the size of the classes and whether it’s in the city.”

Davis is planning on majoring in Criminology and will be making his college choice before he graduates in December so he can enroll early at his new school.

“I plan on having a top five by the beginning of the school year, which will be about August or September," he said. "I plan on having a college chosen by early November.”

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