Michigan Visit Opens Reynolds' Eyes - Part 2

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Scottie Reynolds' visit to Michigan, the Herndon Virginia native discusses his interaction with the Michigan players. Many of the Wolverines made very strong impressions on the young floor general, but none may have been stronger than the one made by Jerret Smith.

Listening to Scottie Reynolds talk about his recent visit to Ann Arbor leaves one with the impression that the players on the Michigan basketball team have heard the cliché, "you only get one chance to make a first impression."  Whether they have or not, it is abundantly clear that the Wolverines made the most of their opportunity.

The purpose Reynolds' second visit to the Great Lake State seemed to be to feel out his potential teammates.  After having the chance to get to know them a little better, he couldn't have been more impressed with the collection of personalities in Maize and Blue.  The players did everything in their power to make the youngster feel welcome and he definitely took notice.

"Coming to Michigan I was a little nervous," admitted Reynolds.  "I wanted them to know that I could play. Visiting with Dion, I didn’t know how he felt about me and my game.  Being on the court…that really helped our relationship along. Me and Dion had a good vibe, both on the basketball court and off. "

"Me and Lester did well on the court also," continued Reynolds.  "I feel it is my job to put people in position to get the best out of them. I told Lester to pop out and then go back door. He trusted me on that and got a dunk off of it. That was real cool man."

"I could be cool with all of the guys…any one of them.  Jerret (Smith), Jevohn (Shepherd), Kendric (Price)…those guys are all real cool. Me and "Pet" (aka Brent Petway) talk a lot through text messages and phone calls.  We were already cool with each other."

The fact that the majority of Tommy Amaker's players were such eager recruiters isn't surprising.  Reynolds' presence on the team would clearly benefit them.  However, it's conceivable that at least one of the Wolverines would look at it a bit differently.  The most interesting recruiting/relationship dynamic during Reynolds' short stay on campus was the one between he and Jerret Smith.  At this point the sophomore-to-be is a strong candidate to be Michigan's starting point guard next year, and at the very least will be second in the rotation. In the minds of some youngsters, a McDonald's All-American coming in at their position would be deemed a threat.  Reynolds certainly wondered if that would be case.  As he would soon find out, though, that's not an issue with Smith.  All he sees is team.

"Jerret Smith is a cool dude," said Reynolds.  "His personality is a lot of fun. I didn’t have anything to wear, and the dude gave me some of his clothes to hoop in.  He is just a real cool dude. Jerret asked me was I coming home to Michigan.  I said, 'what?!' And he said, 'Are you coming home?'  That is just the way he says things.  He is just a real cool dude, man. If I came to Michigan me and him would really help each other out. The guy is real funny too.  I didn’t know how we would be together, but it really worked out well…for me and for Jerret."

Many in Reynolds' position might have questioned the sincerity of Smith's welcoming gestures, but the Herndon, Virginia native hasn't given it a second thought.

"You know how someone can act a certain way and you can just tell the way they feel," asked Reynolds.  "Well that is Jerret.  I know with the way he treated me that he wants me there."  

Whether Michigan lands Reynolds or not, all of the Wolverines can rest easy knowing that they collectively put their best foot forward.

"Those are some cool guys with a lot of character," said Reynolds.  "They are just fun to be around.  I was just out there playing like I was back in Herndon, Virginia. We were vibing on the court.  I have only balled at Michigan.  The visit was very worthwhile and I am glad I went. I hope things work out."

Be on the lookout for part three of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Scottie Reynolds.  In it he gives a scouting report on each one of the Michigan players...showing just how closely he was monitoring their games.

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