Michigan Visit Opens Reynolds' Eyes - Part 3

In part three of GoBlueWolverines three part feature on Scottie Reynolds' visit to Michigan, the McDonald's All-American PG sets a time for his presser and breaks down the games of a number of the Michigan players.

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The wait for Scottie Reynolds' decision is just about over.  The McDonald's All-American PG informed GoBlueWolverine last night that he will be making his choice public in a press conference after school today.

"I get out of school at 2:10," said Reynolds.  "We'll go right to it.  It will probably happen around 2:30 - 3:00."

Various reports have Reynolds down to Michigan and Villanova.  The Wolverines stayed on the recruiting offensive yesterday, talking to him a number of times, but he did not tip his hand regarding what decision would be.

"I talked with K. Price and Pet today," said Reynolds.  Those guys are really funny. I talked to coach Amaker today as well, but I still have not made up my mind yet.  It is just a tough process."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine throughout the day to get the latest on this developing story.  In the meantime, here's a little more from Reynolds on his visit.

As was mentioned previously, Reynolds made the trip to Michigan for the primary purpose of gaining a better appreciation for the talent the Maize and Blue has on hand.  He watched so closely that he was able to give GBW brief scouting reports on a number of the guys he played with and against.

Jerret Smith - "Very solid.  He will always make the right play.  Very funny on sneak tip.  Cool dude."

Ron Coleman - "He's about 6-6 and can really shoot the ball.  He's a real cool dude too."

Kendric Price - "Man is this guy funny! He can sing and has some comedy to him.  Like I said, he's a funny guy. On the court he's very athletic with nice jumper.  Plus he can take it to the rack."

Jevohn Shepherd - "He has that American-Canadian accent going.  He is also real funny. He has some crazy bounce to his game."

Dion Harris - "Excellent shooter.  He can get to the basket.  He is senior already and he is ready to roll this year

Lester Abram - "Scorer.  He can score any kind of way… fade-away, pull-up, and going to the basket. Very competitive and he is a lefty."

Brent Petway -  "He has worked on his jumper. “Pet” is crazy athletic as all get out. He can do any and everything in the air. You can NEVER throw the ball too high for him!  He will go get. One of his highlight dunks during open gym came off an offensive rebound where he brought it back and windmilled it down with a dunk. I was like woooo weeee!"

Corperryale Harris - "Man I know they think highly of him.  He can really play. He cleans up on the boards and he can hit the open shot. That guy is going to get it done regardless of anything.  He does it all.  He's just a PLAYER."

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