New Hoop Targets Shine in Holiday Tourneys

Plenty of Michigan's basketball targets were in action this Memorial Day weekend, and was been on hand to see them all. Dave Telep set up shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions and Evan Daniel reports back from the Nike Memorial Day Classic from Nashville, Tennessee.

Nike MDC: Day 1

Terrence Oglesby, PG/SG, Tennessee Travelers – There might not be a better shooter on the circuit than this 6-2, 180-pounder. Throughout the spring he’s been playing point guard and it shows, as he’s developing a better handle. His shooting off the dribble has improved and he never stops moving especially on the offensive end. He combined for 10 triples in his two games on Saturday.

Nike MDC: Day 2

E'Twaun Moore, PG, SYF Players – He’s got the quicks to get around most guards in the country and his pull up is nice as well. He mixed it up inside against Team Florida, as he had a tip in and grabbed his own miss for a put back over an outstretched Team Florida defender. Moore finished with 16 points in his game against Team Florida and helped his team advance to the Semi-Finals.

Gibbons T.O.C.: Day 2

Evan Turner, SF, Ill. Wolves – Having seen him a lot this spring, the game against Tallahassee stood out as the best we’ve seen him ring up this spring. He scored it in the mid-20s. He was aggressive, confident and plays to his strengths.

Demetri McCamey (right), PG, Ill. Wolves – Like Turner, we caught him on a superb day when got in the paint and made buckets. He might be the most physical point guard in college when he gets there.

Julian Vaughn, PF, D.C. Assault – Mike Beasley got tagged with early foul trouble and someone needed to set the tone against the W.W. Renegades. Vaughn was faced with an ultra-aggressive Trevor Mbakwe in his way and the Minnesotan seemed intent on blocking shots (he played pretty well too). However, Vaughn wouldn’t be denied and he set the tone for the Assault win early. He’s got to finish off games but his first half was pivotal in the win. We had him with 12 and 9 in the first playoff game.

A.J. Stewart, PF, Tallahassee Wildcats – Here’s a kid who trusts both his post-up game and his mid-range arsenal. He made shots off the fadeway from the post and looked good doing it. Coming along nicely.

DeJuan Blair, PF, JOTS – He’s been really consistent here and steady with his play. A surgically repaired knee is becoming less of an issue and he’s doing a nice job of becoming a strong presence inside.

Gibbons T.O.C.: Day 3

DeJuan Blair (left), PF, Pittsburgh JOTS – Are you ready for this line: 36 points, 23 rebounds, 19 offensive boards! Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t witness it with my own eyes. It was a performance Moses Malone would have been proud of and Charles Barkley would have extolled. For our money, this was the top single-game effort of the tournament.

Somehow, Blair is still flying under the radar but not for long. He’s easily a Top 50 prospect in this class based on what he did this weekend. Blair has soft mitts, we’re talking real soft. He’s a beast inside and what he can’t rebound he tips out or gets his hands on. Right now he’s playing with tremendous confidence. Plus, he wasn’t a one-hit wonder. He took care of business all weekend long and like we wrote yesterday, keeps improving each time out.

Gibbons T.O.C.: Day 2

Brad Redford, PG, Mich. Mustangs – One of these days folks are going to get wise to the notion that this kid can play. All he does is bury 3s and take care of the ball. Nobody takes it away from him and he goes about his business. Against the Atlanta Celtics in a 16 year old game, he was the best performer on the floor and had a skillful 18 points.

Nike MDC: Day 2

While I wasn’t in the gym for it, Terrence Oglesby went for 33 points including eight three-pointers in a game where he didn’t see the floor until there was only six minutes left in the first half.

Nike MDC: Day 1

Terrence Oglesby’s dad relayed that they like Clemson, Oklahoma, Michigan, Florida and UNC-Charlotte the most right now. Oglesby has already visited Clemson and will visit Michigan and Florida in the very near future.

Nike MDC: Day 2

The Family’s, Copperyhale Harris said he couldn’t remember all the schools after him but, he did mention Wisconsin, Marquette, Michigan, Tennessee, Miami (FL), Indiana and Georgia Tech. He said all have offered.
E’Twaun Moore of the SYF Players said that Purdue, Illinois and Tennessee are after him the hardest and he has scholarship offers from all three.

Gibbons T.O.C.: Day 2

DeJuan Blair, a Top 100 prospect, has offers from Indiana, Rutgers, Miami, Pittsburgh and Xavier. He’s earned that kind of attention.

Brad Redford, a 2008, relayed an early mutual interest list of Xavier, Valparaiso, Washington State, Wake Forest, Michigan and Michigan State.

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