Delvon Roe Clears the Air

A recent appearance by Lakewood St. Edward forward Delvon Roe on the ESPN Sunday morning show, "Outside the Lines" made the recruiting practices of the Michigan basketball program the source of much debate in recent days. GoBlueWolverine caught with Roe to talk about the interview, his recruitment, and his decision timetable. We also take a look at what rules may have been violated.

When Delvon Roe sat down with ESPN at an AAU tournament a few weeks back, the talented youngster was initially excited to be discussing his recruitment on the nationally renowned sports station. Soon after, though, that excitement turned to mild trepidation. During the interview, the 6-8 210-pound sophomore inadvertently relayed some false information. Upon the conclusion of the conversation, he immediately understood that he made a mistake that could potentially shine an unfavorable light on the Michigan basketball program.

From the ESPN Outside the Lines Report on Text Messaging

  • "Ohio basketball standout Delvon Roe, a 6-7 sophomore forward who plays on the same AAU team as Kosta Koufos, said the text messages from college coaches started his freshman year in high school. Roe appeared taken aback when he recounted that he received a text message from Michigan on his second day of his freshman year: "Is this a joke or something?"

When GoBlueWolverine caught up with Roe recently to discuss where things stand in his recruitment, he expressed regret about the error he made during the interview. He also said that he had tried to clear it up. When asked if his comment about being contacted his freshman year was the inaccuracy he was speaking of, he said, "yeah, but they (i.e. Michigan) really didn't. I told them (ESPN) after the interview that it was my sophomore year. I just made a mistake and said it wrong."

Though Michigan did not contact Roe during his freshman campaign, some of the subsequent contacts are still the source of an internal investigation. The few text correspondences at issue, though initiated by Roe, are still technically a violation of the rules. The NCAA makes a distinction between cell calls and cell texts.

Coaches are able to answer any number of phone calls from a prospective recruit at any point in his pre-college career, but they are not allowed to respond to text messages from said recruit until a certain specified time.

The rules in question are laid out below and have been taken from the official Division I Coaches Recruiting Guide for Men's Basketball.

  • Telephone Calls Placed at Prospect’s Expense
    Institutional staff members may receive telephone calls from a prospect placed at the prospect’s expense at any time without any restrictions on the content of the conversation. []
  • Telephone Contact
    The definition of a telephone call does not include a facsimile or other electronically transmitted correspondence (e.g., electronic mail, instant messenger, facsimiles, pages, text messaging). All electronically transmitted human voice exchange (including videoconferencing and videophones) shall be considered telephone calls. [13.02.14]
  • Written or Electronic Correspondence
    Institutions may not send prospects recruiting materials (including general correspondence related to athletics) until June 15 the conclusion of the prospect’s sophomore year in high school. [13.4.1,] edt. note (there are, however, specified printed materials that can be sent to prospects and to prospects’ coaches)

When ESPN contacted Michigan about Roe's initial claim, officials in Ann Arbor were clearly already aware of the issue. "This appears to be a secondary violation," Michigan said in a prepared statement. "We are still reviewing the matter before a final report is sent to the NCAA."'

It is not known at this time what the penalty will be, but the relative infrequency of the contact and the fact that the correspondences were initiated by Roe should help substantiate Michigan's probable argument that this was a simple mistake and not a willful disregard of the rules.

For more of Roe's take on the ESPN interview stay tuned for a report from GoBlueWolverine's sister site,

Roe Conentrates on Hoops

Recent distractions aside, Roe is focused on improving his game. The rapid growth of his perimeter skills is a testament to that.

"I've been working on it a lot," Roe said regarding his outside game. "I've been making them more consistently since (the Spiece Run N Slam Tournament). I've been taking my time. By time my junior year comes, I'm going to be a pretty good shooter. By the time my senior year comes, it's going to be deadly."

"My getting better is mostly it's my dad staying on me making sure I don't get the big head or anything," Roe continued. "I still wish I could get back on that diamond (to play baseball), but I know what I'm really here for. I'm here to play basketball."

Now with the school year almost over, Roe is looking forward to having more time to concentrate on recruiting. He hopes to visit a number of campuses over the next few months, including Michigan's.

"It is still in my plans to visit Michigan," he said. "I think I'm going to take it in June…in probably two weeks. Maybe a little later. I also want to visit Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, and UCONN I think Florida is about to offer me. I'm going to their camp next week."

Back in February Roe mentioned the possibility of making a decision before the start of junior year. Despite the recent onslaught of attention, he is still giving the idea some thought.

"I just want to see how this summer goes," he said. "If I have a great summer I might like to wait. If I have a summer where I've already visited all of these colleges and I know I hit it off really well with Michigan or another school…Ohio State…I'd go there."

GoBlueWovlerine will have more on Roe in the coming weeks…remember to stay tuned for the Bucknuts report coming later today.

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