Toney Clemons Plans Ann Arbor Visit

New Kensington, PA wide receiver Toney Clemons has closed the book on a stellar track season that culminated with two individual titles, and has now turned his focus completely to football. One recent addition to his less-hectic schedule is a trip to Michigan's campus in a few weeks.

If you talk to New Kensington (PA) receiver Toney Clemons, he'll tell you he is not a track guy. However, based on his performance at the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association track championships last week, he now may have to officially add that tag to his resume.

"I did pretty good in my grand finale," said Clemons one week after winning both the long jump (23 feet, 21/4 inches) and the 110 meter hurdles (14.36 seconds). "The jump was the best of my career, but the hurdle time was within a tenth of my best. I got a little stuck at the line because I gave a little salute at the line."

Now that track season is over, Clemons' full attention is being given to the sport that butters his bread; football. He has clearly identified his size and strength as the areas of his game that he must improve if he is to take his game to the next level. Both of those traits have apparently already showing signs of progress.

"I know football is the sport that is going to take me where I want to go," he said. "I've been working on my strength and conditioning with my teammates and getting my run on. I've been working out at my dad's gym. I tried to put up 860 on the leg press and got pinned. My best before that was 760…and then there is the weight of the machine, so it was probably more than that. I'll get 860 though. My legs are really strong. That's where all of my speed comes from. My upper body is where I need the most work. I've been putting in the time and I am getting stronger and putting on more weight."

In between workouts, Clemons will be taking time out to make his way up to Ann Arbor during the Michigan summer camp. However, it's unlikely that he will participate.

"I'm coming up, but I'm not working out," said Clemons regarding the Wolverines annual summer session. "I'm just going to ride up with my cousin Dave (Steve Breaston's brother) for an unofficial to see what it's like and hang out with Steve a little. I will bring my cleats with me just in case (laughing)."

The news of Clemons' attention should come as great news to at least one future Wolverine. Ryan Mallett has been working hard to convince his prospective wideout to make it up to Ann Arbor for a few days.

"I just got off the phone from texting Ryan," Clemons said. "He just wanted to know if I was camping. He hasn't come at me with any new slogans lately. He has been pitching that one slogan pretty well (laughing). He's been doing a good job using that 'come with me and win three' on a lot of guys."

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