Tournament of Champions and proudly introduces the 2006 / Tournament of Champions! The NCAA hasn't perfected a playoff system to determine a TRUE football champion, but we have.

WhatIfSports has long been at the forefront of simulating matchups that can only be imagined and sadly not actually played on the gridiron. They use state-of-the-art simulation software, and for the most accurate results the games are simulated 31 times. 31 times! This gives a realistic representation of what would have REALLY happened, down to the exact stats for the players for the teams you've wondered about as well as a detailed play-by-play analysis of each game.

Could the improbable 2002 champion Buckeyes muster enough offense to hold off the exceptional defense of the 2001 Miami Hurricanes? How would the emotionally-charged 1990 Colorado Buffaloes perform against the undefeated '88 Fighting Irish? And what if Vince Young and the 2005 Longhorns had to square off against the resurgent 2000 Sooners and their suffocating defense?

We will find out over the next few weeks!

The tournament format is simple. We have gathered the 16 most recent National Champions (limit 1 per school) and formed a bracket, beginning with the first round matchups listed below. The winner moves on, the loser bows out, until we reach the championship between the two most worthy of these memorable teams. It's guaranteed to be a fun and interesting competition to see who truly is the top team that has taken the field over the past few decades.

Round 1
Monday June 12th
1995 Nebraska vs. 1994 Penn State
1988 Notre Dame vs. 1990 Colorado

Tuesday June 13th
1992 Alabama vs. 1998 Tennessee
1996 Florida vs. 1999 Florida State

Wednesday June 14th
2001 Miami vs. 2002 Ohio State
1991 Washington vs. 1997 Michigan

Thursday June 15th
2005 Texas vs. 2000 Oklahoma
2003 LSU vs. 2004 USC

Monday June 19th
Tuesday June 20th
Wednesday June 21st
Thursday June 22nd

Monday June 26
Wednesday June 28

Wednesday July 5th

Stay tuned for game previews and much more!

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