Will Ronald Johnson be a Michigan Camper?

Muskegon High standout Ronald Johnson's speedy recovery has been a surprise to many of those around him, including his doctors. Now just eight months after his injury, he's faster than he was before and he's chomping at the bit to get back on the football field. GBW caught up with him earlier this week to discuss that and more…including a practical joke he played on future UM QB Ryan Mallett.

Twenty years ago an ACL injury spelled the end of an athlete's career. Ten years ago, medical technology had progressed to the point where an athlete could make a full recovery. Now the rate of recovery seems to be even shorter. According to Ronald Johnson, it only takes eight months.

"I think I'm all the way back," Johnson said. "The doctors try to tell me I'm only 90%, but I feel better than that. I told you before that I ran a 4.36, but a baby jumped in the way before I crossed the finish line. I ran it again and I ran a 4.26. I can't wait for the season to start so I can show it on the field. There's nothing left to prove right now."

Johnson previously pointed to the Michigan summer camp as one of the avenues for quenching his competitive thirst, but his attendance no longer appears to be in the cards.

"I'm probably not going to be able to make it," Johnson said. "We have a team camp during that time."

Johnson's absence could be a lucky occurrence for him because a certain future Michigan quarterback just might be looking to pay him back for a minor prank.

"I just talked to Ryan (Mallett) today," Johnson said. "He's a little mad at me because I told him I committed to Michigan. I was just joking though (laughing)."

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