Michigan Coaches Stand Out With Hughes

The Michigan coaching staff identified Chicago Hubbard running back Robert Hughes as a recruiting priority for the 2007 recruiting class very early in the process. Their persistence, keyed by the efforts of assistant Andy Moeller has caused the bruising runner to forge a strong bond with his prospective coaches in Ann Arbor.

Chicago Hubbard running back Robert Hughes has 23 offers in the bag to date, and the onslaught of interest from those programs has shown no signs of dying down. Rather than letting the process become a grind, Hughes has chosen instead to embrace it.

“Recruiting is going well," said Hughes. "I am really having a great time."

Part of Hughes' stress-free outlook on his recruitment stems from the strong relationships he has formed with various college coaches. None, though, is stronger than the one he has formed with his recruiter at the University of Michigan, Andy Moeller.

“Me and Coach Moeller have a tight relationship," said Hughes. "It is just the way he goes about recruiting me. He answers any questions me or my mom have about anything. As far as talking to coaches goes, I talk to coach Moeller the most out of everybody. We text each other almost everyday. Coach also cares about my grades. The first thing out of his mouth when we talk is, 'How is school going?' If I am having a tough time in a class like Spanish, he will ask me about that. He is always concerned about my grades. Michigan will always be in there right till the end because of Coach Moeller. He has shown me no signs of not being trustworthy.”

Moeller is not the only Wolverine coach that has left his mark on Hughes. The Windy City standout also indicated that he is equally impressed with headman Lloyd Carr.

“I went into (Coach Carr's) office with my sister and he said tell me something about yourself," recalled Hughes. "I said I am a family man and he liked that. After that he offered me a scholarship to Michigan. I remember how straight forward Coach Carr was. He is a great guy.”

As favorable as his impression of the coaching staff in Ann Arbor is, Hughes is not ready to proclaim Michigan (or any other school for that matter) his leader. However, it is very clear that his relationship with his would-be coaches will be one of the primary ingredients in his college choice. In addition, he is looking for a school that will help make sure he takes care of business in the classroom, and that takes care of its players after graduation. Furthermore, he wants be put in a position to succeed on the field without being given any guarantees. The humble youngster wants to earn whatever he gets because he is extremely confident in what he can do. That is why he has taken being left off the Scout.com Hot 100 as a personal challenge.

“It is no big deal that they didn’t rank me," he said. "You got to have heart to succeed, and I have that. I thought I should have made the list. All they needed to do was watch my film and they would know. Everyone is talking about how good the ballers in the south are. Well guess what…there are ballers up here in Chicago as well. If someone is better than me, you are going to have to show me. I am not just going to take your word on that."

“When I attend those combines, I just try and crush all doubts about me," Hughes continued. "My job is not done. If there are questions that need to be answered, I can answer them. I have to show them that I can catch the ball out of the backfield and that I do have speed. I just try and show my dedication and hard work."

Hughes hopes to remove any lingering doubts about his talent by making his way to a camp or two over the summer. One of his camp stops could land him in Ann Arbor.

“I am going to try and get down to the Michigan camp," he said.

With the summer now upon him, Hughes next step in the recruiting process will be to trim his list to ten by his birthday (June 21st) and then to five by the start of his season. From there he hopes to take a few officials before picking a school.

“When I take my visits I pretty much know what I am looking for," said Hughes. "I just want to make the right decision for me."

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