Williams is " Crazy Busy"

St. Bonaventure High (Ventura, Calif.) defensive back Michael Williams sits down with Scout.com's Allen Wallace to discuss his leaders, his busy summer schedule, and his decision timetable. Michigan and Notre Dame continue to duke it out for his services.

California cornerback/safety Michael Williams (5-10.5, 187, 4.5), from St. Bonaventure High School in Ventura, said he has 13 offers, but denies a leader.

"I'm most interested in Notre Dame, Michigan and Arizona (all have offered), but I haven't broken down a leader yet. I plan to soon. I also like California," said Williams, ranked by Scout.com as the nation's No. 5 corner.

"I prefer safety because I like coming up and hitting people. A safety gets the chance for better hits than a cornerback," he said. "I have an instinct on the field. It's like I know where the ball is going and I get there--then I hit the guy as hard as I possibly can. But I could work on my footwork; and my speed 'cause you can always get faster.

"Notre Dame has tradition. I grew up watching that team and I think they've won like 10 national championships! I also like the atmosphere because Notre Dame fans seem to be crazier than others are. I visited to watch a scrimmage and there were 60,000 people there. It was the day Jimmy Clausen announced (April 22). I was hanging out with him and the other recruits the whole day. My high school will be playing against his next year," Williams said.

"I've visited Michigan, too. I like the atmosphere because there is more to do than at Notre Dame--it seems like more of a fun place. Coach Ron English was the first to offer me.

"I haven't visited Arizona, but my friend, Blaine Irby (team-mate, outside linebacker), moved from that state two years ago and he said that, besides the heat, it's great there and they have nice girls," Williams said.

"This summer I wanted to visit Notre Dame and Michigan again but may not have time due to my seven-on-seven tournaments this summer. I am crazy busy," he said. "My parents like Notre Dame because some family went there, but my parents and I also really like the coaches at Michigan. I wouldn't mind traveling that far away to play at somewhere like Michigan because if I didn't go into football, I would have traveled (somewhere out there) with the Navy Seals or something like that. Travel sounds exciting to me.

"It will come down to which school I feel most completely satisfied with based on the atmosphere and the opportunity of playing time--which is really important to me. I can't say exactly when I want to commit but I want to narrow it down soon," Williams said.

He reports a 3.5 core GPA and took his SAT on June 3.

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