Quarterback Ryan Mallett Report

The legend of Ryan Mallett is already spreading amongst Michigan fans. How does the real thing measure up? The arm? The delivery? The footwork? His attitude and intangibles? Here is GoBlueWolverine's report.

First off, the white helmet with the orange "T" is gone. Ryan Mallett is, appropriately, wearing the Winged Helmet of Michigan.

Secondly, Mallett has gotten a lot bigger. The quick teen-age smile is still there, as is the playful sense of humor. But physically he is taller, bigger, stronger than last year ... he is beginning to look like an NFL quarterback. He actually measured a hair taller than J. B. Shugarts, at 6-6 3/4ths in stocking feet.

Mallett walks around like he owns the place -- and we mean that in the best way. He is as comfortable at Michigan as the Wolverine players that he easily interacts with as 'one of them'. And in all drills he very naturally takes the position of leadership.

Mallett has an excellent classic throwing delivery, and his footwork (despite what you have have read) is excellent as well -- he is both a natural and a guy who takes to coaching naturally and easily. He is obviously having fun out there, even during the repetitive footwork and delivery drills that make up most of Sunday camp. Does he have 'quick feet'? That would be stretching tihngs ... but for Michigan fans who have John Navarre, Tom Brady and Chad Henne as comparisons, Mallett will look just as quick as those guys.

The Arm: still the best ever -- unbelievable, really.

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