U-M Camp Day Two (Monday)

One of the top wide receivers in the country made it in today, for a two day visit. An offensive lineman puts on an impressive performance, as does a tight end. And -- a Monday Mallett update (you'll want to read this one).

Here is the latest on:

-- Quarterback Ryan Mallett. Today incoming frosh Quintin Patilla playfully snuck up on Mallett and ripped his practice shirt. "That's for shreading my gloves at camp last year!" It was a good-natured playful stunt -- Mallett's shirt alreadt had the sleaves ripped of. You may remember the story from last summer: no one wanted to stand and catch thhrow after thrwo from Mallett, so Patilla volunteered -- and Mallett's bullets promptly shreaded Patilla's brand new receiver gloves.
-- Speaking of Mallet. He is in summer school, and he has decided to go ahead and graduate next summer -- and enroll at Michigan in January, 2007.
-- More on Mallett. Today was the first QB-WR-DB drills of camp, and Mallett, as always, was on the money with catachable balls of all kinds -- always putting it right where the receiver most wanted it.
-- Mallett and UT. The Malletts actually live on the Arkansas side of the border and grew up Razorback fans -- so Texas was always an ambivalent choice for them.

-- Wide receiver Toney Clemons came in this (Monday) morning, for a two day visit. This is an unofficial visit for Clemons, even though he spent the day carrrying around his cleats. He spent the day with his cousin Steve Breaston and several other of the Michigan players. Clemons is growing fast -- he is taller than when we saw him in the spring at the Pitt Nike Combine, and stronger looking as well ... same friendly, happy-eyed engaging personality though.

- Ohio running back Daniel Herron form Warren Harding. The 5-10, 190-pound Herron was impressive ... will he win a U-M offer?

-- Illinois offensive lineman Dave Molk came in today and was the most impressive lineman in the OL-DL one-on-one drills. He was never defeated in his snaps, virtually unheard of for an O-lineman. Molk is not tall at perhaps 6-1, and not overly big at perhaps 270, but he's extremely quick. By the way, he did not have a U-M offer coming into camp (altho he does have several Big Ten offers). Will he get a U-M Camp offer? GBW's guess -- yes.

-- Indiana tight end Ryan Kerrigan came in today. He worked out at defensive end in the morning drills, then really impressed in the afternoon as a tight end (even though the TE's weren't involved in the QB-Wr-DB passing drills. He has Indiana and Purdue offers -- will U-M join in? We'll see -- stay tuned on this one.

-- Ohio defensive back Eugene Clifford was once again a big star. Like Muskegon DB Ronald Johnson, Clifford has a fantastic break on the ball, and made numerous interceptions in the QB-Wr-DB drills.

-- Two junior offensive linemen for remember: Texan OT J.B. Shugarts once again, and Grand Haven, Michigan OL John O'Neal (6-5, 285).

Other Notable Performers:

- Quarterback Steven Threet from Adrian, Michigan. He put on a strong performance, and will go on to MSU tomorrow.

--Remember this name: sophomore running back Larry Caper from Battle Creek Central.

-- Sophomore fullback/linebacker Zach Boren from Pickerington, Ohio, brother of incoming frosh Justin Boren.

-- Wide receiver James Rogers (6-3, 180) from Madison Heights, Mich., Lampheer.

-- Pa. Offensive lineman Evan Blankenship.

-- MAss. OL Chris Shannon from Andover Phillips Academy.

-- Pa. Defensive lineman Zane Parr.

-- Illinois defensive end Nickcaro Golding. Thin-ish, but tall and fast.

-- Texas cornerback Troy Wolfolk. He ran a 4.50 40 (electronic) on the slow Oosterbaan track. Will he win a U-M camp offer? Hmmm, we'll see.
-- Illinois defensive back Michal Bolden, son of former Wolverine DB James Bolden.


No-shows for the week: Maryland Ath. Joe Haden, N.C. DB Marcus Gilchrist.
Stay tuned -- more to come tonight.

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