Molk Outstanding at U-M Camp, Gets Offered

The Lemont, Illinois offensive center is not the world's tallest O-lineman, but in the drills at today's (Monday's) Michigan Technique Camp Dave Molk earned what may have been the first Wolverine 'camp-scholarship' scholarship offer.

At first glance, one's eyes tend to pass right over Dave Molk and move to the huge 6-5 or better offensive lineman.

Dave is 6-1, 270 pounds, although he has a rock-hard 'wrestler build'.

But in the one-on-one OL-DL drills at today's Michigan Camp, Molk was reportedly the first O-liner in recent memory to win every one on one battle, virtually unheard of for an offfensive lineman. In this drill -- a 'rush-drill' toward an imaginary 'quarterback' -- the advantage goes to the D-lineman as the aggressor. If an offensive lineman can win overy 50% of his battles, that is considered very good.

Dave's mother confirmed to GoBlueWolverine tonight that Dave was rewarded for his efforts with a Michigan scholarship offer.

"I did not talk to Dave himself, but his father called and told me that Coach Carr offered Dave in his office as they were leaving camp -- Dave was really excited about the offer."

The Molks left Ann Arbor after camping for a day, but they are not heading home.

"They are actually on their way to West Virginia to camp there for a day as well," Mrs. Molk said. "They'll return home on Wednesday."

Molk now holds scholarship offers from every Big Ten school except OSU and OSU.

Oh and one more thing -- about his height. His mom added, "His brother just finished his freshman year at Purdue -- he grew two inches from when he was Dave's age. Dave just turned 17 and he won't end up 6-1."

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