Wednesday Camp: Several Strong Finishers

Wednesday is the last full day of the Michigan Technique Camp, wrapping up with a strong OL-DL one-on-one competition, and also with the Smokehouse 'fastest camper' 40 yard dash races at each position.

The most impressive event of the day was the final OL-DL one-on-one competition. Like yesterday afternoon, Wolverine commitment Ryan VanBergen once again blew away the competition from a defensive end spot.

The top offensive lineman in the OL-DL one-on-one: Stefen Wisniewski from Pittsburgh Central Catholic, who arrived at camp today. Wisniewski looked 6-3 and 290 pounds, and gave an exceptional performance -- the top O-line performance of the camp, along with earlier-week-camper Dave Molk. Wisniewski already had a U-M offer going back to early spring, and was an attendee at the U-M Junior Day in January. He will be going to PSU and Boston College next. His dad is a former PSU player (as a DL).

Other good performers in the one-on-ones:
-- instate LM Ryan Wheat from Flint Carmen Ainesworth. Wheat moved to the O-line today, and that looks to GBW to be his college position.
-- Illinois LM Mike Garrity (6-3, 260) played on both sides of the ball today.
-- Marshall, Mich. OL Mike VanderMeulen.
-- DL Charlie Hatcher from Hamilton, Ohio.

Other good performances for the day:

-- QB Ryan Mallett, DB Eugene Clifford and Junior OL J.B. Shugarts were still in attendance today (altho the Clifford did not run in the Smokehouse), but we have commented on them before (and Mallett took the afternoon off, and Schugarts was visibly worn out this afternoon after a full week of pounding).

-- DB/WR Marquis Coleman (6-0, 175) from Chester, South Carolina. He is a guy to watch going down the road as far as a future U-M offer -- maybe, in GBW's opinion, in the fall.

-- Junior CB Robert Blanton (6-1, 180) from Butler, North Carolina (Jamar Adams' alma mater). This was Blanton's second U-M camp -- and GBW would not be surprised if he received an offer as a junior. He runs very well.

As far as tight ends go, Cleveland TE Kyle Hubbard did not show up today as expected to try to win a scholarship -- but that was because he didn't have to. Hubbard has been offered a Michigan schollie. Therefore, no camp tight ends, it seems, will be offered soon.

Ohio linebacker Andrew Dailey was in attendance today. The 6-2, 210-pounder did well, but GBW is of the opinion that a U-M offer might not be immediately forthcoming.


Regarding the camp-ending Smokehouse races. The overall winner: just-committed wide Receiver James Rogers (6-3, 180) from Madison Heights Lampheer. Also, Ryan Van Bergen finished in a dead-heat tie for the fastest D-lineman.

In the "Look Who Showed Up" Catagory: Wolverine FB commitment Vince Helmuth showed up for the Smokehouse races. He has been involved in track all week -- he is a top shot-putter. MAN is he getting big!


One more thing: Instate DB Ronald Johnson from Muskegon did not make it in ... in the end it was too complicated for him to leave his team's camp. GBW also wonders if his knee is still not quite ready? At any rate, U-M fans should not fret that he didn't show -- in GBW's opinion his U-M recruitment is going well.

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