GoBlueWolverine's Camp MVP

There are eight campers in the running for GoBlueWolverine's 2006 coveted Camper of the Week Award. We list the eight, then eliminate two, then narrow things to a final two ... and, finally, pick the winner.

(1) QB Ryan Mallett, whole-week camper from Texarkana, Texas. Bigger (6-7, 260) and better than ever. Also, he is going to summer school with definite plans to enroll at U-M in January. He is already at home with the players on the team.

(2) DB Eugene Clifford, whole-week camper from Cincinnati Colerain. Eugene is still 6-2, but getting bigger/stronger. He's definitely a safety now, and is a headhunter who makes play after play after play.

(3) DE/TE (and U-M commitment) Ryan VanBergen from Whitehall, Mich. The U-M commitment is 6-4+ and 260+ pounds, and is fast, quick, strong and smart -- and once he was moved to DE (from TE) on Tuesday, he was a BEAST on the OL-DL one-on-ones, the best at the U-M Camp since Alan Branch.

(4) WR Toney Clemons from New Kensington, Pa. Toney attended as a visitor on Monday -- so it isn't really fair to put him in the running ... but he is just so darn impressive! He has gotten taller (pushing 6-3 now) and bigger/stronger. He looked very comfortable with cousin Steve Breaston and many of the team players.

(5) TE (and U-M commitment) Martell Webb from Pontiac, Mich., Northern. Tuesday camper. A dominating performer -- that guy is physical and fast, scoring two long touchdowns in the 7-on-7 competition.

(6) OL Stefen Wisniewski from Pittsburgh Central Catholic. Wednesday camper. Wisniewski looked 6-3 and 290 pounds, and gave an exceptional performance. Wisniewski already had a U-M offer going back to early spring. He will be going to PSU and Boston College next.

(7) Cornerback Dionte Allen from Orchard Lake St. Mary's, Mich. Tuesday camper. Allen was a force in the seven-on-sevens and the following QB-WR-DB drills.

(8) OL Dave Molk from Lemont Township, Illinois. Monday camper. The 6-1, 270-pounder is quick, fast and aggressive -- and was given what seems to be U-M's 'first camp offer' (to a rising senior) ... he did not have an offer previously.

We will be arbitrary here and eliminate Mallett and Clifford -- only because last year they were named GoBlueWolverine's top performer (Mallett) and tied for second best (Clifford, along with Ronald Johnson). So, with those two knocked out of the race ... we'd say the race is really between two players:

Ryan VanBergen and Martell Webb. Both gave dominating performances: VanBergen in the OL-DL one-on-ones as a DE, where he was fast-quick-strong unstoppable and, even more impressively, where the motor on this full-week camper stayed in high gear right to the end of camp; and Webb in Tuesday morning's seven-on-sevens, where he gave the one legitimately eye-popping performance, manhandling defenders while showing a great burst as well in scoring two long run-after-the-catch TD's.

It would be easy to make this a VanBergen-Webb co-MVP ... but we give the edge to VanBergen because he carried his high level of play through an entire, somewhat grueling, week of camp.

GoBlueWolverine's Camp MVP: Defensive End/Tight end Ryan VanBergen. In GBW's opinion, if he stays healthy U-M fans will see him performing on the field in games as a true freshman, as a defensive end.

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