80+ U-M Campers -- By Position, by Excellence

Eighty notable camp performers, seniors and underclassmen alike -- listed by position, and in approximate order of excellence. Here is the most comprehensive list yet, as more names have come in to GoBlueWolverine. We will keep adding to the list over the next several days as more names come in to us.



Top QB Performers

-- Texas QB Ryan Mallett, whole-week camper from Texarkana, Texas. Bigger (6-7, 260) and better than ever. Also, he is going to summer school with definite plans to enroll at U-M in January. He is already at home with the players on the team.

-- Instate QB Steven Threet from Adrian, Mich. Monday camper. Threet actually will not get a U-M offer with Mallett in the fold, but he is getting bigger and stronger (6-5, 220 now) and is excellent. In any normal year ...

More notable performers

-- Instate QB Justin Siller from Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Tuesday camper.

-- Ohio QB Chazz Anderson from Pickerington, Ohio. Wednesday camper.

-- Instate QB Audie Cole from Monroe, Mich. Monday/Tuesday camper.

-- Instate Junior QB Brenden Kay from Marine City, Mich.


Top RB Performers

-- Ohio RB Daniel Boom Herron from Warren Harding. The 5-10, 190-pound Herron was impressive on Monday and Tuesday, and earned a U-M offer.

-- Instate Junior RB Jonas Gray from Detroit.

-- Soph. RB Hershey Jackson (6-1, 210) from Allendale, Mich.

-- Soph. RB Larry Capers (6-2, 190) from Battle Creek Central. All week camper. Will he get an offer as a sophomore?

-- Soph. FB/LB Zach Boren (6-1, 260) from Pickerington, Ohio, brother of incoming frosh OL Justin Boren. Monday camper.

More notable performers

-- N.J. FB Devon Ramsay (6-3, 247) from Lawrenceville Prep is impressive, but it seems unlikely that U-M will offer a second fullback in this class (Vince Helmuth being the first). Monday camper.

-- Ok. RB Gerald Jones (5-8, 170) from Oklahoma City. Note the height ... GBW does not think he currently holds a U-M offer.

-- Wash. RB Nate Williams (6-0, 190) from Burien, Wash. Monday/Tuesday camper.

-- Instate Junior RB Dominique White from Orchard Lake, Mich. Tuesday camper.


Top WR Performers

-- Pa. WR Toney Clemons from New Kensington, Pa. Toney attended as a visitor on Monday. He has gotten taller (pushing 6-3 now) and bigger/stronger. He looked very comfortable with cousin Steve Breaston and many of the team players.

-- Instate WR James Rogers (6-3, 180) from Madison Heights, Mich., Lampheer. Full week camper. After giving a strong performance all week (and, like Quintin Patilla the year before, having the Mallett-shreaded gloves to prove it) and winning the Smokehouse Award as the fastest camper, was offered a U-M scholarship -- and went home and committed.

-- Instate Junior WR Darnell Golden from Ann Arbor Huron (6-2+, 175). All week camper - remember this guy.

More notable performers

-- Instate WR Taurian Washington from Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Tuesday camper. He came without his receiver gloves (making Mallett's passes deadly for him) or helmet (he was wearing one that somehow he couldn't see well with). Consequently he had some trouble in passing drills. He had a pre-camp U-M offer.

-- Instate WR Kaunda Hancock (6-0, 180) from Birmingham Brother Rice. Monday/Tuesday camper.

-- Instate WR/DB Calvin Mann from Farmington Hills, Mich., Harrison. Tuesday camper.

-- Ind. WR Glen Miller (5-10, 180) from Indianapolis. Week-long camper.


Top TE Performers

-- Instate TE (and U-M commitment) Martell Webb from Pontiac, Mich., Northern. Tuesday camper. A dominating performer -- that guy is physical and fast, scoring two long touchdowns.

-- Note: Cleveland tight end Kyle Hubbard was offered a U-M scholarship even though he did not attend ... thus he can be said to be the 'U-M Camp tight end offeree'.

More notable performers -- Instate TE Rocky Weaver from Battle Creek. Tuesday camper. Weaver did well -- tall and fast.

-- Instate TE Cameron Joplin from Ann Arbor Pioneer. Tuesday camper.

-- Indiana TE Adrien Robinson from Indianapolis Warren Central. Sunday visitor/camper.

-- Indiana TE Ryan Kerrigan form Muncie. Monday camper.

-- Instate TE/LM Josh Rooks (6-4, 230) from Holland, Michigan. Wednesday camper. In GBW's opinion, he will not get a U-M offer at this time.

-- Ill. TE Cody White (6-4, 240) from Bloomington, Ill. Wednesday camper.

-- Pa. TE Matt Balasavage (6-4, 220) from Lancaster, Pa. Week-long camper.


Top OL Performers

-- Pa. OL Stefen Wisniewski from Pittsburgh Central Catholic. Wednesday camper. Wisniewski looked 6-3 and 290 pounds, and gave an exceptional performance. Wisniewski already had a U-M offer going back to early spring. He will be going to PSU and Boston College next.

-- Ill. OL Dave Molk from Lemont Township, Illinois. Monday camper. The 6-1, 270-pounder is quick, fast and aggressive -- and was awarded with a U-M offer.

-- Junior OT J.B. Shugarts from Klein (Mark Ortmann's alma mater), Texas. the 6-7, 300-pounder has had a U-M offer for a year now. All week camper.

-- Instate Junior OL Dan O'Neal (6-5, 285) from Grand Haven. All week camper. He ran in the OL Smokehouse race, so was one of the fastest O-liners.

More notable performers

-- Pa. Offensive lineman Evan Blankenship. Sunday/Monday/Tuesday camper.

-- Mass. OL Chris Shannon from Andover Phillips Academy. Monday camper.

-- Instate OL Ryan Wheat from Flint Carmen-Ainesworth. All-week camper.

-- Pa. OL cory Pfautz (6-4, 300) from Manheim Township, Pennsylvania. Tuesday camper.

-- Fla. OL Mike Brewster from Edgewater, Florida. Tuesday camper.

-- Instate OL Mike VanderMeulen from Marshall. Wednesday camper.

-- Fla. OT Clyde Yandell (6-5, 300) from Nease, Fla. Monday camper.

-- Wash. OL William Hunter from Oak Harbor, Wash. Wednesday camper.


Top DL Performers

-- Instate DE/DT (and U-M commitment) Ryan VanBergen from Whitehall, Mich. The U-M commitment is 6-4+ and 260+ pounds, and is fast, quick, strong and smart -- and once he was moved to DE (from TE) on Tuesday, he was a BEAST on the OL-DL one-on-ones, the best at the U-M Camp since Alan Branch.

-- Ill. DL Josh Brent (6-3, 290) from Bloomington, Illinois, Central Catholic. Tuesday camper. Very quick for a man his size. He came in with a U-M offer.

-- Instate DL Joseph Barksdale from Detroit Cass Tech. Tuesday afternoon camp visitor. He came in with a U-M offer.

More notable performers

-- Pa. DL Myles Caragein (6-3, 260) from Pittsburgh. Wednesday camper. He has several Big East and Big Ten offers.

-- Ill. DE Nickcaro Golding. Thin-ish, but tall (6-5) and fast. A future OLB. Sunday/Monday camper.

-- Pa. DL Zane Parr (6-4, 280). Monday camper.

-- Illinois LM Mike Garrity (6-3, 260) played on both sides of the ball on Wednesday.

-- Ohio DE Charlie Hatcher from Hamilton, Ohio. Wednesday camper.

-- Instate DL Tyler Palsrock from Vicksburg, Michigan. Tuesday camper.

-- Instate DE Adam Setterbo (6-2, 235) from Spring Lake, Mich. Monday camper.

-- Ill. DE Ronald Newcomb from Chicago. Wednesday camper.


Top LB Performers

-- Ohio LB Andrew Dailey was in attendance today. The 6-2, 210-pounder did well, but GBW is of the opinion that a U-M offer might not be immediately forthcoming.

-- Pa. LB Neil Doogan (6-3, 220) from Philadelphia St. Joseph (from Victor Hobson's alma mater). Sunday/Monday camper. He might get a U-M offer down the road.

-- Minn. LB Broderick Binns (6-2, 225) from Minneapolis Cretin Hall. He might get a U-M offer down the road.

More notable performers

-- Kan. LB Brian Smith (6-3, 220) from Overland Park, Kansas, St. Thomas Aquinas. Sunday/Monday camper.

-- FLA. LB Ronnie Lillard from Lehigh Acres, Fla. Monday camper.

-- KY. LB Tucker Jackson (6-3, 230) from Bowling Green, Ky. Monday camper.

-- Instate LB Blair Hollis (6-0, 200) from Orchard Lake, Mich., St. Mary's. Tuesday camper.

-- Instate LB Shane Torzy (6-0, 200) from Warren, Mich., DeLaSalle. Tuesday camper.


Top DB Performers

-- Ohio DB Eugene Clifford, whole-week camper from Cincinnati Colerain. Eugene is still 6-2, but getting bigger/stronger. He's definitely a safety now, and is a headhunter who makes play after play after play.

-- Instate CB Dionte Allen from Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Tuesday camper. Allen was a force in the seven-on-sevens and the following QB-WR-DB drills. He came in with a U-M offer.

-- Ind. DB (and U-M commitment) Jerimy Finch from Indianapolis Warren Central. Sunday visitor/camper, and impressed a LOT.

-- Tex. CB Troy Woolfolk from Houston, Texas. Sunday/Monday/Tuesday camper. The son of Butch Woolfolk. The 5-11, 175-pounder is fast (4.50 electronic 40 on U-M's slow Oosterbaan track) and has very quick feet. He is also a 10.5 100m guy. He was offered (he did not hace a pre-camp offer) -- and went home and committed to the Wolverines.

-- Ind. Safety (and U-M commitment) Artis Chambers (6-0, 180) from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Tuesday camper. Chambers is 6-0, and around 180 pounds.

-- S.C. DB/WR Marquis Coleman (6-0, 175) from Chester, South Carolina. He might get a U-M offer down the road. Tuesday/Wednesday visitor.

-- Ohio CB Jordan Mabin from Nordonia, Ohio. Tuesday camper. He may not get a U-M offer, but he was impressive -- he made two interceptions and had a strong day.

-- Junior CB Robert Blanton (6-1, 180) from Mathews Butler, North Carolina (Jamar Adams' alma mater). This was Blanton's second U-M camp -- and GBW would not be surprised if he received an offer as a junior. He runs very well.

-- Junior DB Mauricio Wallace (5-11, 190) from Murfreesboro Tennessee. All week camper. He was a top performer.

More notable performers

-- Illi. DB Michael Bolden (6-1, 175), son of former Wolverine DB James Bolden. Sunday/Monday/Tuesday camper.

-- Ohio DB David Arnold from Copley, son of the former Wolverine DB of the same name.

-- Montreal CN safety Eli Biakabutka (6-2+, 200). He is the younger brother of Touchdown Tim. He is a rising 12th grader, meaning he is a "Canadian Junior." Sunday/Monday/Tuesday visitor.

-- Ohio DB Chris Rucker (6-0, 180) from Warren, Ohio, Harding. Monday camper.

-- Wash. DB Nate Williams (6-1, 200) from Burien, Washington.

-- Ohio DB Josh Copeland from Fairborn, Ohio. Wednesday camper.

-- Junior DB Eddie Whitley from Mathews, N.C., Butler. Full week camper.

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