Martez Wilson Wants to Stay in Midwest

Chicago defensive end Martez Wilson says he currently favors two schools and wants to stay in the Midwest for college. But is he making a decision this summer, or is he going to wait and take official visits?

Martez Wilson Profile five-star defensive end/outside linebacker Martez Wilson (6-4, 228, 4.5) said he favors Illinois and Notre Dame slightly over Michigan, Wisconsin and Tennessee. All have offered the nation's no. 2 defensive end prospect who said he has 22 offers, 19 in writing.

"I don't mind playing outside linebacker, but I'm a little more comfortable with defensive end because I play it in high school," Wilson said.

"I'm a good team player and a leader, so I pump up my team. On the field, I'm strong at tackling the quarterback. I would like to be able to get into the backfield even more and get off the ball a little quicker.

"Illinois is recruiting me as a defensive end. I am comfortable with the coaches because I can chat with them like friends. The Illinois coaches also treat all the players with the same amount of respect. I like that. I went with my coach to a spring game scrimmage and I'm hoping to go back, I just don't know when," Wilson said.

"Notre Dame is recruiting me as an outside linebacker. I also went to one of their spring games. The coaches are great and the tradition is better. They've had seven Heisman trophy winners," he said. "I also know that if I were to graduate with a degree from Notre Dame, I could make a name for myself even if I don't make it big in football. People should always have a back up.

"Michigan has a top business school for my real estate major. They have tradition too--not as good as Notre Dame, but good. Jason Avant (wide receiver) was drafted into the NFL this year from Michigan, and I think he's going to make it," Wilson said.

"Wisconsin has funny coaches--they aren't uptight. I haven't visited there yet, but my coach tells me they have a nice program. And since I want to stay in the Midwest, I have considered them.

"I like Tennessee because they rank top three in NCAA sacks. As a defensive end, I like schools with defensive players who tackle the quarterback," Wilson said.

"I want to make a decision after the season because my choice only happens once. Overall, I want coaches I can trust, a prestigious, winning team and academics with my real estate business major---and playing time," he said.

Wilson reports a 3.0 core GPA and awaits his June 10 ACT.

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