Hemingway Back From Midwest Tour

Conway, South Carolina wide receiver made his way north last week to visit three of the country's preeminent programs. The four-star prospect spoke with GoBlueWolverine after returning home and indicated that he found his trips to Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State to all be equally enjoyable.

The Midwestern schools on the J.R. Hemingway’s made another run at him last week in what was likely their last in-person recruiting opportunity. First up on the docket was a return trip to Ann Arbor.

“It went good,” Hemingway said. “I left Thursday morning and got to Michigan Friday morning. They took us around the weight room and around the campus. They just showed us around. Coach Carr wasn’t there. He had to go to an interview. It was mainly Coach Campbell. They showed me a list of all the receivers that they have coming back, the ones that they have coming in, and the ones that will be graduating. I’d be able to go right in and play. I know they really want me there.”

After leaving the Great Lake State Hemingway ventured south to Indiana to catch his first glimpse at the Golden Dome, and he came away impressed.

“The Notre Dame campus was nice,” said Hemingway. “We spent about four hours down there. I can tell that they really want me there too.”

The final leg of the tour saw Hemingway head back east to stop through Ohio State. He found the Buckeye facilities to be particularly memorable.

“Everything on campus is built like an O,” recalled Hemingway. “Their stuff is real nice. After they finish the stuff that they’re building now, it’s going to be even nicer.”

Now that he has returned home and has had a little bit of time to reflect, Hemingway indicated that all of the schools had their strong points. However, none was able to distinguish itself from the rest.

“None of them really stuck out more than the other,” he said. “They were all really good. My dad really liked everything at all the schools. He said he didn’t think it could be like this.”

“I’m going to be taking visits to the Florida schools,” continued Hemingway. “Once I do that I hope I’ll have everything I need to be able to make a decision.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more in Hemingway in the coming weeks.

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