Barksdale Lays Out Timetable

Detroit Cass Tech defensive lineman Joseph Barksdale has had a wide open list of schools for quite some time now, but his recruitment is now starting to come into focus. The 6-5, 315-pounder has logged a lot of miles over the spring and summer, venturing to a number of college campuses in an effort to learn more about each of the respective programs.

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"I went to Michigan, LSU, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Tennessee, and of course, Texas," Barksdale said regarding his recent travels. "I was at Michigan during their camp. I got a chance to meet a lot of their commitments. I got a chance to talk to Ryan Mallett. He just wanted to meet me and tell me why Michigan is such a great place. I got a feel for what they're trying to bring in for their recruiting class. I got a chance to see some of their coaches in action and just go up there and touch bases with the coaches."

"At Ohio State I was really their facilities and just the number of people that were there (for their camp). That was pretty impressive to me. Just for a one week camp they had about three or four times as many people as the Michigan camp."

"LSU was impressive because of their facilities. Their apartments and their campus life period were pretty impressive."

"Illinois was impressive because I didn't know they had money like that. They had the latest of everything. It was like USC or something like that. Then they were talking about we're about to update it. I was like how much more can you update it."

"Tennessee was also real nice. Their stadium looks like a professional stadium. There seems to be a lot of history there with defensive linemen. They had some real nice facilities too."

"Texas…wow! Their facilities were the best. Austin, Texas is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. Theirs were the best."

The schools within driving distance from Detroit have benefited from more visits than the other programs on Barksdale's list, but he insists that those schools have no advantage over the others. He has already discussed the prospects of going to college far away from home with his parents and they've come to an understanding.

"They just want me to go where I'm going happy," he said. "Distance no factor at all. I want to go to a place with good coaches where I'm surrounded by good people. I have to like the recruits that they're trying to bring in those are going to be my guys for the next few years. I want coaches that really care about me that aren't going to just treat me like another number after I commit. I have to go to a family type program. Right now my list in no specific order is Texas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, LSU, Miami, Florida State, Michigan, and Tennessee. I'll have it narrowed down to a top five by the beginning of the season. My mom didn't go on those (summer) visits with me, but she is planning to go to Texas and Ohio State."

Earlier in the recruiting process Barksdale expressed the desire to use his full allotment of official visits, but that may no longer be in the cards. An expedited decision timetable will likely prevent his from using all five.

"I don't know if I'm taking five because I am going to be (graduating) early," he said. "That's going to force me to make a decision earlier than it would be foe me to be able to take those official visits. I'll take at least two official visits. I'll probably have a good idea of what I want to during the season."

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