Refreshes 2007, 2008 Rankings

July is the month where the reputations are solidified. The shoe camps are now upon us and in four week's we'll be updating our rankings for the long haul, but we thought it was time to give the classes of 2007 and 2008 a little refreshing before hitting the road.

Class of 2007

Top 100

Nothing really dramatic here or out of the ordinary. O.J. Mayo has his chance to hold off all comers this month. His closest pursuers are Kevin Love, Derrick Rose, Kyle Singler and Michael Beasley!

Class of 2008

Top 25

This is going to be a fun group. We’ve shaken things up a bit and we anticipate quite the jockeying for position this month. Take a look at the power forward group especially because someone has to emerge and take control of that unit!

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