Michigan Covets Babb at DB

Alhambra, CA athlete Zion Babb is being recruited by most of the schools on his list as a wide receiver. Michigan, however, is bucking that trend. Wolverine defensive coordinator Ron English has made it known that he believes the champion hurdler has just as much, if not more potential as a defensive back.

With names like Jerimy Finch, Artis Chambers, Troy Woolfolk, Dionte Allen, and Marquis Coleman participating in Michigan's annual summer camp a few weeks ago, the defensive back position was clearly one of the strongest in attendance. That group would have a tad bit stronger if Alhambra, CA athlete Zion Babb had his way.

"Two of my coaches were at Michigan's camp," Babb explained. "First I didn't want to go because I thought I would be going by myself. Then two players…a quarterback and a running back…I found out they were going two days before they actually went. I was mad. I changed my mind and wanted to go, but it was too late already."

Babb's attendance would have given the Michigan coaching staff a much closer look at his defensive back skills. The 6-2, 180-pounder fancies himself as more of a wideout, but new defensive coordinator Ron English clearly believes the youngster has a great deal of upside on the other side of the ball.

"I guess after seeing my film he thought I was better at DB because right away he told me he wants me to play DB," Babb said. "If they wanted to play defensive back, that's what I'd do."

The schools a little closer to home are recruiting Babb as a receiver. His talents on that side of the ball have already convinced many of them to step forward with offers. Others, including his father's alma-mater, USC, are still in the process of evaluating.

"I haven't been offered by UCLA or USC," Babb said. "They said they wanted to see me in camp. That B2G camp was the weekend before and I was sore from that camp and I couldn't go to SC."

"Michigan, Cal, Nebraska, Arizona, UNLV, Oregon, and Washington are the schools that have offered," Babb continued. "I don't have a favorite right now and I'm not really sure when I'll make my decision. I'm just taking my time."

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