Nike Camp Evals - Day One

In GoBlueWolverine's first report from Indianapolis we recap the performances of 2007 targets Corperryale Harris and Scott Martin, and 2008 targets Delvon Roe and Kenny Frease. We also check in with school lists from Scott Thompson, Gary McGhee, and many more.

Delvon Roe – The lefty’s energy continues to stand out in a crowd. Every facet of his offensive game, including his ball-handling, has improved. On more than one occasion he showed he was more than willing to take the ball upcourt in transition. He also displayed the type of unselfishness that likely made the college coaches in attendance proud. It’s a bit surprising since the frontcourt players hardly ever receive passes from the perimeter. When the dimes did come Roe’s way, they frequently occurred on the break. The 6-7, 214-pounder took advantage of every opportunity, proving that he is one of the best finishers in attendance. If not getting the ball more was an issue for this youngster, it didn’t show. Instead of complaining, he went and got the ball himself by grabbing boards and blocking shots. His whopping eight-foot, seven inch reach gave Devin Searcy fits on the defensive end. He bothered all of the Dayton commit's shot attempts in their evening match-up, sans a late game putback. He also consistently beat Searcy down the floor in transition. The jumper wasn’t falling like it has been, but his shot is looking much better and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Roe have a breakout performance on day two.

Kenny Frease – The Massillon (OH) big man is looking quicker and more agile than he did just a few months ago at the Spiece Run N Slam All Star Classic. A slight wrist injury has limited his overall effectiveness, but he has definitely stepped the physicality of his play up to the level of the competition. “Right now I’m just trying to adjust to all of these people,” Frease said. “The camp is real fast-paced. I’m just trying to do stuff faster. I’m used to being able to set up moves, look around, and see what’s around me. You’ve just got to go. When you’re here, you’ve just got to go. I’m just trying to get used to that.” The Wolverines are amongst the 2008 big man’s favorites, but the thought of donning the Maize and Blue still gives him a little pause. “I like Michigan,” he said. “I just don’t know yet if I want to cross over.” More on Frease later.

Corperryale Harris – “Manny” was one of the more popular players in the interview room Thursday evening. The Detroit Redford star had throngs of reporters around him, and with good reason. His jack-of-all trades style has helped his team to a 2-0 and he has excelled in every facet of the game. That includes a scoring clip of about 14 points per contest. He is getting stronger physically and that only makes his swarming defense all the more stifling. Because if his quickness he hardly ever gets beat of the dribble and he also anticipates well…especially when it comes to blocking shots. He swatted his fair share on the day thanks in large part to his eight foot four inch reach! The interest in his talent seems to grow everyday, and the program that has made the biggest push of late is Indiana. Harris made his way down to Bloomington last week for an unofficial visit, and Kelvin Sampson’s program is definitely a player. Still, Harris is wide open and is weighing all of his options. He hopes to have things narrowed down soon, bit won’t rush anything. “I want to make (a commitment) before my high school season, but I don’t know,” Harris said regarding his decision timetable. “I’m just going to wait until I find a place that fits.”

Scott Martin – Martin is definitely more of a wing than a post player right now. He reportedly struggled a bit during three-on-three play in the morning session, but was much better in the afternoon five-on-fives. He showed a surprising ability to drive to the bucket. On one occasion he drove past his man from the left elbow, spun around the help defender on his way to the basket, and put it off the high glass for the deuce. The former point guard’s handles appear to be slowly catching up with his height. Once they do, watch out! He is only 192-pounds at this stage and clearly needs more strength, but once he does, he could become a truly dynamic player. When you factor in his developing back to the baskets skills that he is honing as a high school frontcourt player, Martin is just scratching the surface of what he could be.

Maurice Miller - The book on Miller is extremely accurate. He is a heady guard with a strong handle and good quickness that is always thinking pass first. With the Wolverines hunting for more point guard targets this month, Miller’s name is one that could shoot back up the list. He did an outstanding job of finding the open man in transition, and even accomplished the more difficult task of delivering passes that resulted in easy shot opportunities out of half-court sets. The problem is, sometimes he over-passed. On one occasion he received a pass in the middle of lane on a three-on-two fast break. He had a clear path to the basket, but opted instead to give it up to a trailing big man. That ultimately nullified the numbers advantage and resulted in a missed lay-up opportunity. The other thing we saw was a reluctance to shoot. While unselfishness is certainly desirable at a camp like this, it’d behoove Miller to show more of a penchant for scoring.

Martavis Kee – Kee is clearly on a mission this week. The 6-2, 172-pound guard is playing the role of set up man in an effort to showcase his court generalship. “It’s going pretty good right now,” Kee said regarding camp thus far. “I’m running the point a lot right now. I’m trying to get my big me involved.” Michigan is clearly one of the programs that will be closely monitoring his progress this month. “I talked to coach Jackson before I came up for the All-American camp,” said Kee. “He said he was going to keep his eye on me and that he wanted me to stay focused. He told me not to make a decision and to wait it out.” More on Kee later.

Scott Thompson – You had to feel for Thompson…and almost every other big man for that matter. At this camp and others like it, the bigs are at the mercy of shot-happy perimeter players. The Idaho native didn’t have much of an opportunity to show his offensive skills, but you could see the raw athleticism and ability to run the floor that has been discussed by scouts. You can also see the need for brawn. The size differential has been a big adjustment for 7-0, 212-pounder. “This is great,” Thompson said. “I’m having a lot of fun. I definitely have to get bigger and gain more strength. The guys here are a lot bigger than the guys I play back home.” Thompson indicated that his current list is comprised of Washington, UCLA, Arizona State, Pepperdine, Gonzaga, and Michigan. Wolverine assistant Mike Jackson is keying Thompson’s recruitment for the Maize and Blue. When asked how often it is he hears from the Michigan, Thompson replied, “quite a bit.” At this point Thompson holds one offer from Boise State.

Gary McGhee - The Hoosier state big man has definitely taken his conditioning more seriously. He looks like a totally different player. Last year around this time he up around 265. Now McGhee is much more svelte 238-pounds and is moving around the court much better. The Wolverines had been hoping to receive a visit during the spring, but it did not come to pass. That will likely be rectified in the coming months. “I’m probably going to try to go for an official (to Michigan) in August,” McGhee said. “I’m not sure if I have a scholarship offer from them. I think he said if I came on campus they would. A t this point I like Oklahoma State, IU, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, and probably Wake Forest. All of those schools have offered except for Michigan and Wake Forest. I want to make (a commitment) before the high school season start.”

Stay tuned for much more from the NIKE and ABCD camps in the hours to come.

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