ABCD Camp Evals - Day One

Kelvin Grady has continued to show improvement in his play at this year's ABCD camp. The Michigan commitment went head to head with two of the Wolverines other point guard targets and bested each of them. We discuss his performance thus far, the impressive showings by some of the national recruits, and Michigan's current standing with a few 07 wing targets.

The buzz about having Derrick Rose at ABCD camp was starting to die down a bit…until he got on the court! He started the day with two very tough opponents, and when it was over he had proven why college coaches across the country believe he is such a special player. In the afternoon he played against Corey Fisher, and the first two times the Villanova commit took it at Rose he got it blocked. Fisher did finally get by Rose with the help of some nice picks from his teammates, but the Windy City guard kept the pressure on. He recovered to make Fisher turn the ball over on a couple of occasions. Later he played against former Michigan target Demetri McCamey. Unfortunately the two Illinois standouts didn’t go head to head as much as observers would have liked because the game was a blow out. McCamey’s team was leading by as many as 25 at one point so rose started taking matters in his own hands. He just didn’t have enough support.

Getting to the Michigan targets…Anthony Crater squared off with Kelvin Grady during one of the games we observed and the slight edge would have to go to Grady because he scored a little more. The future Wolverine played better ball in the first half, but “Noopy” played well in the second and his team went on to win the game. Both kids had to have at least eight or nine assists in that game. Their teammates really look for them to run the show and no one brings the ball up the floor except those two. Crater needs to be more aggressive with his own offense. Once he is, he will be much harder to defend. Grady seems to have learned that lesson, as he is really getting to the bucket and finishing and he is also hitting the outside jumper.

Grady later faced another Michigan point guard target in Jeff Teague and got the best of that match-up as well. Grady looks very comfortable. He was a little more aggressive than Teague and ran his team very well. Teague had had a so-so outing, but we know he is capable of so much more. His MVP performance at Spiece proved that he can be an explosive scorer, so look for him to play much better as the camp goes on. The Wolverines have shown interest in Teague, but he seems to be favoring Indiana and Wake Forest at this point. Meanwhile Crater is still considering Michigan as well, but he is currently looking harder at a few other programs including Louisville. We’ll have more on both prospects later.

Dar Tucker has been solid he has been moving without the ball scoring in transition and hitting the three in his match up with Al legion he got the better of it by staying active. Rumor has it that Tucker could pick Louisville any day now. As for Legion he has started out a little slow. He is not scoring in the manner that he’s accustomed to, but he is doing other things like setting up teammates and hitting the boards. With Derrick Rose delivering him the ball, Legion’s offense should come around real fast. Legion’s mentor, Tim Green gave an updated list of UCLA, Kansas State, Kansas, Illinois, Arizona, Virginia and Notre Dame.

Former Detroit King standout Tracy Smith has been a real head-turner in action thus far. The formerly bullish forward is at least 40 pounds lighter and appears to be about 6-8, 215 pounds. He is running the floor like we haven’t ever seen him run it before. He is also scoring down low when he gets it. He went for 20 against Kevin Love’s team. Smith just has been extremely active. He gave a top three of Memphis, Oklahoma State and N.C. State. We’ll check in with him to see if Michigan is anywhere in the picture.

Joining Smith and Rose on our list of most impressive players in attendance are Kevin Love, O.J. Mayo, and Alex Tyus. Love the best big man in the country. Some believe he is the best player overall. No other high school big man starts the fast break like he does. His outlet pass to half court is quite impressive. He can also score the ball in every way imaginable… down low, mid range, he can shoot the three…you name it and he can do it. Now he has gotten himself into better shape and is even more unstoppable.

O.J. Mayo played okay the first day, but even at just okay he is a joy to watch offensively. He can really get after it and defensively he works at. He really impressed me yesterday in the morning during station drills where the players work on certain aspects of their games. There are two groups of say 75 each session. O.J. went through his drills that…taking up almost 90 minutes. When it was time for his group to leave, Mayo wasn’t satisfied. He stayed and worked out another 90 minutes. As good as he already is, he continues to work on his game.

Alex Tyus this guy can really play but doesn’t get the pub he deserves. He has been solid the last two years I have seen him play. He crashes the boards, he hits the 10 to 12 foot jumper, and he blocks shots. He really gets after it on both ends of the floor.

Today I will take a look at Michigan targets Dejuan Blair, Trevor Mbakwe, D.J. Kennedy and Jeff Teague. Stay tuned for much more coverage from Teaneck, New Jersey.

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