U-M Makes First Cut For Top Fla. CB

Four-star athlete Doug Wiggins (5-10.5, 185, 4.5) from North Miami Beach (Fla.) continues to deny a leader. However he was willing to discuss the several schools that are attracting his strong interest ... and has a cousin attending college in Michigan.

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Four-star athlete Doug Wiggins (5-10.5, 185, 4.5) from North Miami Beach (Fla.) continues to deny a leader. The schools he mentioned that are attracting his strong interest are USC, Miami, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

"I don't have a top five yet because I may lose or gain interest in schools when I take official visits," Wiggins explained. "I plan on graduating early, like in December, so that I can learn my college's defense faster. My parents don't have a preference; they tell me to go where my heart leads.

"USC has great defense, one of my friends goes there, and they are always in the top ten every year in the BCS Bowls.

"Miami is my home town school, so I grew up watching that team. I went to one of their spring practices so far, and they have great defense and offense.

"Florida is in a great college town. I can see myself playing there. My cousin, Udonis Haslem, played basketball there and now he's in the NBA," Wiggins said.

"I haven't gotten around to visiting Michigan, but I'd love it up there. The stadium sells out every game. A cousin who I am really close to goes to Western Michigan, and it would be great to be nearby.

"In the spring time, Georgia's coaches came to my school to talk to me and made me feel like I would really be at home if I came to their school. A former teammate goes there, Max Jean-Gilles, and he has everything good to say about Georgia," he said.

"West Virginia compares me to ‘Packman Jones' in the NFL because I can play all over the field. I would have a chance to fight for play time my freshman year. It's called two deep, where there's a rotation for both sides of the ball.

"I can't even begin to explain the way Virginia Tech plays defense. They blitz heavily, they're aggressive, and just for defense, I know they are in the top ten in the nation. They have two seniors as safeties, so I would be able to play as a freshman there, too," he said.

"I went to Oklahoma's spring game, and I think they will be ranked high in the BCS Bowl and run for the national championship. The coach told me more about their program and what goes on there, and I fell in love with Oklahoma.

"South Carolina has winning tradition. Coach Steve Spurrier makes winners out of his players. He has an aggressive attitude and he's a winner. That's what I like about him," Wiggins said.

"I'm mostly being recruited as a cornerback, but I also play safety and quarterback. I'll play any position, as long as I'm on the field," Wiggins said. "I'm not going to wow anybody with speed, but I will be in the right place for my position, at the right time to make a play. I know more about the game than most guys because I've played on both sides of the ball. I would like to work on my speed, and you can never read defenses and offenses enough.

"Camps don't make a player, so I don't go to them. They only make measurements—they don't measure how you really play. I did enough in the school year to prove to colleges what I'm capable of on the field," he said.

Final junior season stats: 1200 yards total offense; 80+ tackles/8 interceptions/2 fumble recoveries/3 forced fumbles.

He reports a 3.0 core GPA and says he is SAT qualified.

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