Ryan Mallett Looks Back and Ahead

The big 6-7 Texan quarterback, the nation's best and Michigan's top commitment, spoke to GoBlueWolverine last night about the Michigan Camp, about the recruits he's been talking to, and about the upcoming Elite 11 Camp.

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Compare the Michigan Camp this year versus last ... last year you were a newcomer, this year you're an old-timer.

"It was totally different. This time I kind've knew what I was doing, I could just sit back and have fun. So that's how it went for me -- I relaxed, I just felt comfortable and enjoyed myself."

What was the highlight for you?

"The whole thing actually. It was all great. Just being up there, at Michigan, knowing that's where I'm going to be for college ... oh yeah, I'm glad I'm going to Michigan!"

What more did you learn about Michigan?

"Basically, I already knew a whole bunch. I did learn that there is great Mexican food in Michigan! Pancheros has very good chicken quesadillas. And as long as the Taco Bell stays open ... I could eat three meals a day at Taco Bell!" (GBW note: spoken like a true Texan!).

Compare your view of Coach Loeffler, this year to last.

"He's the same old Scotty -- he's the best! It was fun working with him again. He's the best -- I know I'll reach my potential with him, because he'll push me to it."

How have YOU changed since a year ago?

"That's a hard one ... I think I'm the same. I always had touch on the ball you know, I had it last year too -- I just didn't have to show it last summer, I just had to throw it, to show Coach Carr and Coach Loeffler my arm. This time I used my touch on the ball so guys could catch it easily."

(GBW note: Mallett is being modest here: he's bigger, stronger, and his whole approach to the passing game has developed and matured.)

What kids did you spend time talking to?

"I talked to them all!"

"Toney (WR Toney Clemons): I talked to Toney when he was there on Monday. He's kind've like where I was last year ... he's just feeling everything out, making sure he checks out all his options, just to be sure. I did that early, a year ago. But Toney and I got along great."

"Dionte (CB Dionte Allen): we were horsing around some. That guy is crazy! He's a great guy, we had a lot of fun. Dionte is one crazy guy!"

"Martell Webb: he's just an absolute freak, he's like a deer out there, so big and fast and strong ... he took that one short throw from me in the 7-on-7's and took it all the way. That was impressive!"

"Dionte, Martell, Taurian, all those guys from close to Ann Arbor -- we just hung out and had fun together. They're all great guys."

Who else are you talking to?

"I talked to Ronald Johnson again the other day ... he messed with me the time before when we'd talked, telling me he'd already committed to Michigan ... we laughed about that."

"I've been talking to Junior Hemingway."

"I'm going to be talking to other guys as well ..."

You're off to the Elite 11 again soon (he was one of two 'junior ball boys' last summer, when GBW selected him as one of the top two QB's there, with fellow Texan Matt Stafford). Are you aware of any of the other quarterbacks that were picked?

"Oh yeah, I know of all of them, although I haven't met them all. Jarret Lee (from Brenham, Texas), he was at the Texas A&M tryout that I went to, and he showed out at that camp. And Rontrell Bailey (from Arkadelphia, Arkansas) was at that tryout too."

(GBW note: this year's is not a classic Elite 11 group, especially with one well-hyped guy avoiding it. Midwestern fans would have a hard time naming more than 2-3 attendees. GBW predicts that DC's Pete Lalich might end up being the second best signalcaller there after Mallett ...)

Your mother told me you're graduating early?

"Yeah, I'm looking into that."

Does this mean you won't redshirt as a freshman?

"That depends on Chad (Henne). If he is still there I would think I'd redshirt. But I'll talk to the Michigan coaches about it -- we'll decide together what's best."

Your sister is going to grad school at Michigan?

"Well, she's applied there ... if she gets in she probably will."

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