Michigan to Make Martin's Final Cut

Valparaiso, Indiana forward Scott Martin has had an outstanding summer thus far, and colleges from around the country are stepping up their interest. With time for his decision drawing near, Martin speaks with GoBlueWolverine about his upcoming visit plans, the factors in his final choice, his impressions of Corperryale "Manny" Harris, and more.

Valparaiso, Indiana forward Scott Martin has had his coming out party this summer. The questions about whether this high school post player could play facing the basket have all been answered, and he shooting up the charts for college coaches and scouts alike. Despite all of his success, Martin doesn't feel he has "arrived." While in the midst of one of the better individual performances at the Nike All-America camp last week, Martin made it clear that he still feels he has work to do.

"This camp really helps you find your weaknesses," Martin said. "That's what I wanted to work on because these guys…they'll expose your weaknesses. So I wanted to be really observant so I could find out where I was weak."

While Martin clearly identified areas of his game that still need improvement, (like his ball-handling and strength), it appeared to outside observers that he was often the one exposing the weaknesses of his opponents as opposed to the other way around. One week after his Top 10 showing in Indianapolis, the 6-8, 192-pounder picked up right where he left off at the Nike Peach Jam this week.

"The beauty in his game is that he makes shots from all over the court at different angles," wrote ScoutHoops.com's Jeff Goodman. "While E’Twaun Moore was taking guys off the dribble and making plays, Martin was chucking in buckets from the perimeter and playing aggressively at both ends. Like at Nike Camp a few days ago, his signature moment was a drive that culminated in a big time slam, once again alerting everyone in the building that he is indeed an athlete."

Martin's impressive play has made the interest in him rise so quickly that he can hardly keep track of all of his new scholarship offers. He hopes to have things calm down a bit when he narrows his list in the coming days.

"I think I'm up to about 15 or so (scholarships)," he said. "Purdue, Michigan, Indiana, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Arizona State, USC, LSU, Oklahoma State, Bowling Green, and Ball State are the ones I can think of. I think I might narrow it down after Peach Jam…maybe a week or so after that. That way I'd have time to sit down with my family and talk about it. It's been so crazy lately that we haven't really had time to sit down and talk about it. I'll sit down with my coaches and we'll talk. Probably about a week or so after Peach Jam we'll have an idea."

It's clear that Martin's family will play a pivotal role in his decision making process. He also made it clear that they'll factor into how far away from home he goes as well.

"It'll end up coming into play," Martin said regarding distance from home. "My parents are pretty much at everything everywhere I go. It's important to me."

In August Martin plans to hit the road again for a few more unofficial visits…all of which are will be within suitable driving distance. He'll be venturing to some of the campuses for the first time, while others will be receiving return trips.

"I'll probably go to IU," he said. "Maybe Michigan again, Purdue again, and Notre Dame again. There are things you look for (on the visits). You kind of find differences in schools and if you like the differences or not. That's kind of what you look for."

If Martin's second trip to Ann Arbor goes as well as the first, it could mean good things for the Wolverines. The versatile forward described Michigan's campus as "an amazing place" in a May 20th interview with GoBlueWolverine. Since then the Maize and Blue have added a key component to their 2007 recruiting class in Corperryale Harris. The coaching staff wasted little time speaking with Martin about the recent development and how it might affect him.

"I talked to Coach Amaker and he said [Harris] is a very good player and that he'll help complement me and I'll help complement him," Martin recalled. "He was in my conference at Nike Camp and I played against him a couple of times. I thought he was very good. As a player, you kind of notice the little things that he does. You don't just see the points that he puts up. You see the little things."

"I'm pretty confident Michigan will be on the final list," Martin continued. "I really enjoyed my visit up there. It's a great campus with great coaches. The players are great. It'll definitely be on the final list."

Once Martin returns from his fall tour, a decision may not be far off.

"It will definitely be before the winter season starts, that's for sure," Martin said. "Probably earlier than that, October-ish maybe? Maybe before."

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