2008 Intro: Jason Washburn

One of the surprise performers at the Nike All-America camp was Battle Creek (MI) Central junior to be Jason Washburn. The 6-10, 194-pound center is on the 2008 radar for both Michigan and Michigan State, and those two schools just happen to sit atop his leader board. He sat down with GoBlueWolverine to discuss his recruitment, his game, and more.

What were you stats last season?

"We started of 6-0 and slipped to 13-5. I averaged about 15 points per game, about 13 boards per game, and about five blocks per game."

For those that haven't seen you play, how would you describe your game?

"Jason is the next Kareem Abdul Jabar (laughing)! I've got me a sky hook. I'm 80% with someone on me. During my high school season I face a lot of shorter, bigger guys that aren't as quick as me…not as fast as me, so I have a lot of real quick spin moves. I've got those down to an art. (At Nike) I've been trying that and they stayed right with me (laughing)."

Heading into the camp, what parts of your game were you focused on improving?

"My defense. I hook up with a lot of guys that are a lot quicker than me. I gotta get better at moving my feet….go home and do a lot of jump-roping and do a lot of lifting weights."

What has been the biggest adjustment for you on the summer circuit?

"There's actually a guy over 6-5! (Laughing) There's someone my height! That's something new. They're a lot bigger a lot stronger, a lot better. They know what they're doing a lot more. I don't dominate as much. I get what I get but I'm not as much of a dominant player."

What schools have you heard from thus far?

"MSU and Michigan are the biggest along with Indiana, the University of Miami, Dayton, Ohio, and Western (Michigan)."

Have you been on any unofficial visits?

"I've been to multiple MSU games. I've been to a few Michigan games with my high school coach. That's about it for games."

How about open gyms?

I've been to Michigan State's open gym. I've been to Michigan, but it wasn't really an open gym. My AAU team (the Michigan Mustangs) went there and we played the Michigan guys.

Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

"Michigan. I've had a brother and sister graduate through Michigan. It's always been Michigan, but I started back in seventh grade liking MSU as a basketball program."

It's very early in your process, but have you come up with a list of things that you're looking for in a program?

"A good coach. From the colleges I've heard from…Coach Amaker is a good Coach, Coach Izzo…I've talked to him a lot. Those are good coaches. They have good coaching staffs. Also a nice friendly group of players…not guys that are all into themselves. A couple of guards that are willing to dish it in every now and then."

When do you think you'll be making a decision?

"It will most likely be the beginning of my senior year so I have something established."

Do you currently have any friends at any of the schools on your list?

"Right now at MSU, Drew Neitzel is a good friend of mine. Goran Suton is a good friend of mine and Ibok. Last year I was in with Paul Davis, Maurice Ager, and Shannon Brown. They were really good friends. And last year Courtney Sims and Daniel Horton were good friends."

Obviously the in-state schools are weighing pretty heavily with you right now. Do you have a top list of schools that you're considering at this point?

"Out of the people I've heard from…MSU is #1 automatically. I've heard from them the most. I like all of the guys there. Michigan would be next, then Duke and NC. I take that back…Michigan State, Michigan, Indiana, Duke and NC."

GoBlueWolverine will have more from Washburn in the coming months.

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