Molk: "That feeling you're looking for ..."

"I was told to look for 'that feeling' on a visit -- a special feeling that tells you that this is the place for you ..." Thus said suburban Chicago offensive lineman David Molk on his choice of the Michigan Wolverines as his college destination.

Lemont, Illinois' Dave Molk is not a man to mince words.

Remember, after his impressive one-day stint at the Michigan camp, when we asked him what defensive impressed him: "No one," was his honest-bordering-on-cocky answer.

This time we asked him what tipped the scale for Michigan, when it had seemed that Iowa had a prohibitive lead for him.

"You know, I was told to look for 'that feeling' on a visit -- a special feeling that tells you that this is the place for you. Well, when I left Michigan a week ago Saturday, I had it -- I had that feeling you're looking for. I knew I was going to go to Michigan."

That was on Michigan's Junior Day.

"Yeah, that was the day. I was not with the group though. Coach Moeller took my family and I around. And when we were on the way home -- I just had 'that feeling'."

"More specifically, Michigan also had all the things that I wanted. It has one of the top five Business Schools, which is the field I want to go into."

"Then there's the football program -- it's always one of the top programs in the country."

"And then there's Coach Moeller (Michigan's offensive line coach) -- I know he's going to get the very best out of me."

And that "very best" is very good. Dave is not the tallest guy at 6-1+ and 260-270 pounds. But don't let his physical stature fool you. This is a guy who may very well get on the field early at U-M ... he already bench presses almost 400 pounds. And, like Steve Shilling and Justin Boren a year before, he makes the game 'look easy'.

At the Michigan Football Camp this summer, Molk put on one of the best one-on-one offensive lineman performances ever. These OL-DL drills are pass rush drills, and the defensive lineman has the built-in advantage -- it generally is not a matter of if the D-lineman will reach the 'quarterback' but just a matter of how many seconds the O-lineman can hold him out (three seconds being great). However, on this day Molk was "The Man" -- NEVER did his man get by him -- period. Which never happens -- but it did (and thus the above dismissive remark about the DL's at camp that day).

We asked Dave again about camp that day, and he once again responded honestly. "Yeah, that was a good day for me -- that was probably my best performance of the summer."

So at what position will we see Molk at Michigan?

"I'm a center."

Note: Andy Moeller is rapidly putting together a talented young Offensive Line unit for the Wolverines team of the future. The presence of Molk will mean the talented freshman Justin Boren will not have to play center -- he'll be able to play his preferred guard spot. And Steve Schilling will man the right tackle position. The 'old man' of the youngsters will be Mark Ortmann at the left tackle spot. The other guard could be David Moosman. This would be one of the smallest Michigan offensive line units in recent history (Molk at 6-1+, Boren a shade under 6-3, Moosman a shade over 6-2, Schilling 6-4, and Ortmann the tallest at 6-6) -- but these are all guys who are very athletic, aggressive, quick, smart (all would have gotten into U-M as 'regular students even if they were not athletes), and strong. If these five hit the field together some day, it will be a very interesting Michigan offensive line ... and one that will likely send at least three into the NFL someday.

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