Media Day Photo Gallery - Part Four

In part four of GoblueWolverine's photo recap of Michigan's 2006 football Media Day, we feature pics of Shawn Crable, Chad Henne, Terrance Taylor, and more.

Photos taken by Bret Osburn

Alex Mitchell and Jeremy Ciulla

Brian Thompson and Obi Oluigbo

Shawn Crable and Willis Barringer help Terrance Taylor pose for a picture

David Harris and Alan Branch

Jerome Jackson and Alijah Bradley

Jason Kates, Quintin Patilla, Greg Banks, and Adam Patterson

Marques Walton and Eugene Germany

Mike Massey, Carson Butler, and Chris McLaurin

David Mooseman, Justin Schifano, and Mark Ortmann

Andy Moeller instructs Justin Schifano and Mark Ortmann

Rueben Riley and Adam Kraus

The quarterbacks

Chad Henne

Carr and the Freshmen

Tim Jamison and Johnny Thompson

Terrance Taylor and Rondell Biggs

Charles Stewart, Shawn Crable, Alan Branch, Willis Barringer, and Terrance Taylor

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