Hemingway Down to Four

South Carolina wideout J.R. Hemingway plans to make his college decision later in the month and he tells Scout.com's Allen Wallace that he will be choosing among four schools. Michigan has made the cut.

South Carolina wide receiver J.R. Hemingway (6-1.5, 202, 4.5), from Conway High School, said it's come down to Michigan, South Carolina, Florida and Miami.

"I plan to commit before August 25, when my season starts, just to get it off my back. ESPN will be the first to know; it's just good for me not to come out with any favorites before then. I have to call them four or five days before the weekend I want to announce, and it will be televised," Hemingway said.

"The most important things I'm looking for in a school are the academics to get a good degree in business, coaches I can go to with anything, players who have my back, and a campus where I feel at home.

"Michigan produces good wide receivers every year. They know football. You hear about them all the time and they are always on TV. It's a big school and it's also one of the best to major in business," he said.

"South Carolina is my home-state school. Knowing that the support is going to be there is a big plus at USC. It's only two hours away, and I've been there so many times.

"Florida is beautiful and they have high academics. I've been there twice for a bowl game and an unofficial visit," Hemingway said.

"Miami is a small private school, so the classes won't be so big. It would be like a celebrity lifestyle to go there--everybody knows the players as football stars."

Hemingway reports a 3.0 core GPA and an 18 ACT.

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