Post-Game Quick Hitters

A few of the more insightful words from Michigan players Stevie Breaston, Michael Hart, Chad Henne, and Lamarr Woodley. Plus Head Coach Lloyd Carr is forthcoming on some Wolverine illnesses and injuries.

First injuries and illnesses: Coach Carr said Chris Graham pulled a muscle in his thigh early in the game, but should be back next week. Tim Jamison could've played but was held out due to an ankle injury -- he'll also be back next week. Justin Boren will be out another couple weeks. And Steve Schilling has come down with mono. Carr said, "Schilling would have played today. The two freshmen (Boren and Schilling) have had some bad luck early (with the injury and the illness)."

A few insightful quotes:

Steve Breaston: "We had a couple dead spots in drives. It bothers us; we wanted to put more points on the board. But everything that went wrong is correctable."

And Chad Henne added on the same subject: "It was not my best performance. But the errors on offense were 'physical errors' - dropped balls, a couple poor throws. Physical errors are easier to correct than mental errors. Fortunately, the running game just controlled the clock for us."

Mike Hart: "We made too many mistakes: jumping offsides, the holding calls. There were too many mistakes."

Coach Carr: "It was surprising that the mistakes on offense were made by veterans. But this is not a game of perfection."

Carr also added, on his running backs: "We don't want Mike Hart having that many carries .... Kevin Grady fumbled ... Brandon Minor earned the right for additional snaps next week."

Lamarr Woodley, on the defensive performance: "It is never good enough. You can't be the same team every week -- you either get better or you get worse. We have to keep getting better."

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