Roe Enjoys Mich. Visit; Will Trim List Soon

Delvon Roe was on the campus of the University of Michigan last weekend to get better acquainted with the Wolverine players and the plans that headman Tommy Amaker has for him. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the elite 2008 prospect to get his thoughts on his time in Ann Arbor. He indicated that he is now in the process of cutting his list down.

Lakewood (OH) St. Edward forward Delvon Roe hit the road this past weekend for the second leg of a visit tour that will take him to the campuses of all of his favorites.  It was Michigan's turn to try to leave a lasting impression on the five star prospect.  Roe first visited Ann Arbor in the winter to take in one of the Wolverines basketball games, the brevity of that trip prevented him from spending a lot of time with the team or seeing the campus.  Staying overnight this time around allowed him to do all of that and more.

"I liked it," Roe said regarding the visit.  "I had a lot of fun.  I got a tour, I sat down with Coach Amaker, I played with the guys, and I talked to them a lot off the court when we were eating dinner and tailgating for the football game. I talked to K'len (Morris) a lot while I was there."

One of Roe's primary goals while in Ann Arbor was to gauge the young talent in Michigan's program so he could get a feel for how good the team would be if he were to choose the Maize and Blue.  After spending time on the floor with current and future Wolverines, he believes that Michigan will not only be good this year, but in the years to come as well.

"Petway's athleticism stuck out for sure," said Roe.  "K'len seems like he is going to be s solid point guard.  I liked Manny a lot too, but I already knew what he could do.  To tell you the truth, they all looked very good.  They're all at the college level.  They don't go to a top D1 school for nothing.  They all can play."

When not with the players, Roe was spending a great deal of time with Michigan headman Tommy Amaker.  The sixth-year coach explained to Roe how he would be utilized in his offense and made it clear just what a key part of the Wolverines' future success he could be.

"Coach Amaker sees me being able to do everything," Roe said.  "He thinks I'm a special player.  He's going to use me on the wing and in the post.  He wants me to do a little bit of everything.  I know how bad he wants me.  I think he's a great coach. He is on the up-rise of his career.  He has a great chance to do something special at Michigan."

Roe's parents accompanied him on the visit, and hey too got a better feel for what Michigan has to offer.  After seeing the campuses of two of his favorites up close, the Roe family holds both schools in very high regard.

"My parents liked (the Michigan visit) a lot," he said.  "My mother liked the academics at both schools.  My dad likes coach Amaker a lot.  He loves Coach Amaker…but he also loves the way Coach Izzo can get players to the NBA.  So it pretty much evens out with them."

(The Michigan visit) was just as good (as the Michigan State visit)," continued Roe.  "I stayed at Michigan longer so I did more things.  I interacted with the players more.  That's probably the only difference between the visits.  I liked both campuses, but I liked the facilities more at Michigan State.  Overall I liked both schools pretty much equally."

With two visits now down, Roe plans to get back out on the road in a few weeks.  However, at this point in time some his destinations are a bit up in the air.

"I plan to go next weekend to Ohio State," Roe said.  "I don't know where else yet because this week I'm going to cut down my list.  I still don't know how many I'll cut it down to.  I wanted to get it down to five, but it might get down to three.  Then again, it might be six (laughing)."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Roe in the coming days.

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