Ryan Mallett: Recruiting Magnet

Michigan quarterback commitment Ryan Mallett is not just a 5-star performer on the field -- he is a 5-star leader as well, and is using his persuasive talents to talk to the Wolverines' recruits. If you wonder why and how U-M is putting together such a big recruiting weekend for the MSU game ...

Six-foot-seven, two-hundred-and-fifty-pound Texarkana, Texas quarterback Ryan Mallett told GoBlueWolverine:

"Yeah, I'm coming up for the Michigan State game. We (Texas High) have a bye that weekend, so I'll be able to be up there the whole weekend -- I could make that my official visit."

"I'm trying to get all my wideout recruits to come to that game."

As far as Michigan commitments: "J.R. (J.R. Hemingway) will be there; Martell (Martell Webb) will be there; James (James Rogers) will be there."

And a far as recruits: "Toney, Toney Clemons - he'll be there. And Markques Simas will be there - I don't really know him yet."

"Heck, I'm talking to everybody and trying to get all of Michigan's recruits to come to that game!"

(For a list of visitors so far, click HERE.)

Next we turned to his season.

"We did pretty well against Tyler in the first half (a 27-21 win in which Mallett completed his 1st 10 passes and the Texans opened up a 27-0 lead; here are Stories on Mallett's Tyler game). This week we play Arkansas High (Texarkana has Mallett's Texas High on the Texas side, and Arkansas High on the Arkansas side)."

"Then we head up to Cincinnati to play Finley in the Ohio Challenge -- hopefully some Michigan fans can get to that game."

And finally, on whether he is on track to graduate in December.

"I haven't completely made up my mind on that one. I've got all my credits and am eligible to graduate. But our season could last all the way until Christmas if we go a long ways in the playoffs, in which case I'd have to get moved quick. Also, I haven't made up my mind on whether I want to give up basketball. So I'm just thinking about it, and I'm talking about it with my family -- my family and I will make the decision together."

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