WR Drew Davis: Michigan Back In Touch

Denver wide receiver Drew Davis is the teammate of U-M freshman DE Greg Banks, and Davis had Michigan as one of his top two schools early on. However, by late spring he and Michigan fell somewhat out of touch with each other -- but all that has changed. Davis caught GoBlueWolverine up on the matter.

Drew Davis is a 6-0 1/2, 195 pound wideout from Montbello High in Denver. As a junior, he had 45 catches for 988 yards and 16 touchdowns. He had Nike Combine stats of a 4.54 sec. 40 and a 31.5 inch vertical jump. In the classroom he reports a 4.0 GPA and an 18 ACT.

In mid-March he told Scout.com, "Michigan is recruiting me the hardest right now," and that U-M was his co-favorite, with USC.

By late March he said that, "I have not been hearing anything from Michigan since my recruiting coach there (Terry Malone) left for the Saints.

He knew that his new U-M recruiter was DB Coach Ron Lee, telling GoBlueWolverine at the time that, "He (Lee) is pretty cool, down to earth and I can relate to him a lot."

However, one thing that was missing was a Michigan scholarship offer. In late may he told Scout.com, "I have not really gotten that 'big school' offer I am waiting for. I am looking forward to a USC or Michigan-type offer."

By summers end he had 15 offers, including from UCLA, Cal, Colorado, Washington, Arizona State, Arizona, Kansas State and Iowa State.

But not from Michigan -- or so he thought.

Turns out there was a mis-communication.

"I just called Michigan a couple days ago," Davis told GoBueWolverine on Wednesday night. "And they said that not only do I have a Michigan offer, but that they'd considered me 'offered' since the spring."

Trouble was, Michigan couldn't call Davis over the summer or spring, and Davis thought U-M wasn't that interested. Get it? Fortunately, Davis' taking the initiative cleared that up.

GBW asked him to name the other top offers that he has.

"Cal, UCLA, Washington, Washington State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State."

So, does he have a top five?

"Not yet, Michigan's offer is still new to me, and I have to sit down and talk to both my dad and my coaches about it and see how it will fit in for me. Right now I'm still looking for the best school for me both academically and athletically. But there are three schools that I know I'm going to be taking an official visit to: UCLA, Washington, and CU (Colorado). I should have the other two schools picked sometime next week."

Is he planning on taking an unofficial to Michigan this year?

"Yes, I would really like to get over there and visit sometime this year."

Did he watch the Michigan-Vandy game on Saturday?

"Yes. They did very well. I think Michigan has one of the best quarterbacks in college football right now and I think they have a chance to go far this season."

Davis' own first game was last weekend.

"Well we went in thinking we were ready but we were proven wrong in the second half. We ended up losing 56 to 20. But next week looks a lot better; we have a game plan set up and we are smoothing out all the kinks. It should be a much better game."

Davis will narrow his schools to a final five soon, as he said, and he plans to graduate in December and enroll in college in January.

Michigan's recruitment of Davis got behind some, but they may now catch up. How behind did it get?

"Ryan Mallett? No, I haven't heard of him."

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