Film Evaluation: The CMU Offense & Sp. Teams

GoBlueWolverine's Josh Turel breaks down the Central Michigan offense by analyzing the Chippewas personnel, schemes, and tendencies coming off their heartbreaking loss to Boston College in their season opener.

Offensive Breakdown vs. Boston College

Formation: Run%, Pass %
Trips: Used 39% of the time, 12% run, 88% pass
Spread Left (tight end left): Used 18% of the time, 42% run, 58% pass
Spread Right (tight end right): Used 10% of the time, 15% run, 85% pass
Four Wide Shotgun: Used 9% of the time, 100% pass
Double Tight End (shotgun): Used 8% of the time, 80% run, 20% pass
Five Wide Shotgun: Used 7% of the time, 50% run, 50% pass
Double Tight End (under center): Used 5% of the time, 33% run, 67% pass
I Formation: Used 1% of the time, 100% pass
Trips Bunch: Used 1% of the time, 100% pass
4 Wide Tight: Used 1% of the time, 100% pass
Trick Formation: Used 1% of the time, 100% pass

Overall: 27% run, 73% pass

Down & Distance:
1st & 10 32 times: 44% run, 56% pass
2nd & 8+ 13 times: 24% run, 76% pass
2nd & 4-7 5 times: 40% run, 60% pass
2nd & 1-3 2 times: 100% pass
3rd & 8+ 8 times: 13% run, 87% pass
3rd & 4-7 4 times: 50% run, 50% pass
3rd & 1-3 4 times: 100% pass
4th Down 2 times: 50% run, 50% pass

Formation Notes:


-Against Boston College, Central Michigan ran a version of the triple option after the slot receiver motioned to a two back formation. The quarterback has the option for a shovel pass to the running back, keep the ball himself or pitch it to the wide receiver who keeps pitch relationship to him during the option run.

-The Chippewas like to use shovel passes and draw plays with the running back from trips formation.

-CMU likes to use rollout passes with this formation and will almost always roll to three wide receiver side.

Trips Bunch:

-CMU's offense will motion a wide receiver across the formation to create a four wide receiver bunch formation.

Five Wide Shotgun:

-The Chippewas likes to split running back Ontario Sneed out as the 5th wide receiver and also will run the quarterback draw from this formation.

Spread Left:

-In spread left, a wide receiver will sometimes go in motion and fake a handoff from the quarterback. The team did use a wide receiver handoff from this formation against Boston College. Also watch for the wide receiver pass all game long. The receivers handle the ball a couple of times a game and Central has used receiver passes in the previous seasons.

Double Tight End (under center):

-Team will use, play action along bootlegs from this formation. They will also motion a receiver to fake a handoff from this formation. 

Double Tight End (shotgun):

-Watch for quarterback keepers and draws from this formation

-This is another formation the offense likes to motion receivers for handoffs or fake handoffs from.

Offensive Personnel:


#18 Brian Brunner, 6-2, 236, Sophomore
#13 Dan LeFevour, 6-3, 215, Redshirt Freshman
#8 Duane Brooks, 5-10, 174, Redshirt Freshman

Running Back
#34 Ontario Sneed, 5-11, 203, Sophomore
#32 Anthony Boykins, 5-7, 188, Redshirt Freshman

Brian Brunner is still the listed starter on the depth chart, but Coach Brian Kelly indicated he would be out until the Akron game after taking a huge blow to the head against Boston College. That leaves redshirt freshmen Dan LeFevour and Duane Brooks at quarterback. Both saw action against Boston College and will likely rotate at the position throughout the game on Saturday. LeFevour did pretty well in his first game action.  He remained composed throughout the game, read the field well and showed fairly solid accuracy all day long. He doesn’t have great speed or elusiveness, but he can run and they will use him on designed runs and options. He doesn’t have great arm strength but showed some good polish for a young quarterback. Duane Brooks is a smaller quarterback, but may have a stronger arm and does have more mobility than LeFevour. That being said, he didn’t show the composure and coverage reading ability of his teammate in the opener. They each bring their own twist to the passing game but both need more experience and should get a tough test on the road against Michigan.

Ontario Sneed is a versatile back that gained 1,065 yards last year as a true freshman.  He also caught 51 passes for 433 yards. The Chippewa’s like to use Sneed on swing passes and short releases past the line of scrimmage against deep dropping coverage. The main focus is to get him the ball in space where he can use his quick feet and elusiveness. He’s not a real powerful runner but he makes great cuts and gets up field very fast. Sneed also must focus on improving his pass blocking skills. If he can make quicker reads and improve his vision, he can be one of the MAC conferences best playmakers. Backup Anthony Boykins doesn’t see much time, but he is a short, shifty runner that can be a change of pace back.


X Wide Receiver
#88 Obed Cétoute 6-4, 212, Junior
#89 Joe Bockheim, 6-3, 200, Sophomore

Z (Slot) Wide Receiver
#87 Bryan Anderson, 6-4, 200, Redshirt Freshman
#2 Jemmy Jasmin, 5-8, 162, Junior

W Wide Receiver
#3 Damien Linson, 5-11, 184, Senior
#80 Justin Gardner, 6-2, 190, Junior

Tight End
#45 Sam Williams, 6-4, 216, Redshirt Freshman
#86 Allen Ollenburger, 6-3, 236, Redshirt Freshman

This unit was unimpressive against Boston College.  They dropped several passes and failed to come through on some big play opportunities. Despite the poor start to the season, this group does have some decent talent. Wide receiver Damien Linson is the top player in the group. Linson caught 56 passes for 832 yards and four touchdowns last season. He isn’t very big at 5’11, but he is quick out of cuts and has very nice run after the catch ability. Linson will also occasionally motion and take a handoff from the quarterback.

The receiver that really stood out on film was 6’4 Obed Cétoute. Cétoute has legit athletic ability, excellent body control, and a 38 ½ inch vertical. Watch for Cétoute to be used along the sidelines because of his size as well. If he can focus on catching the ball better, he could become a very well rounded player. Bryan Anderson brings good size to the slot position and solid hands, but doesn’t show the separation skills needed to make many plays downfield. Jemmy Jasmin is the complete opposite of Anderson. Quickness is his strength, but his lack of size will make him a liability on the field in some cases. Also watch him for one wide receiver handoffs.

Tight end Sam Williams was a surprise starter coming out of training camp, but he struggled a bit in his first game against Boston College. Williams dropped several passes, which is something he has struggled with since his high school days. The staff will deal with that because the tradeoff is he displays very good speed for a tight end. The offense likes to use Williams on vertical routes to stretch the defense as well as crossing patterns. Williams cannot drive block but is feisty and is a decent wall off blocker. 

Offensive Line

Left Tackle
#73 Joe Staley, 6-5, 299, Senior
#70 Jeff Gilbert, 6-7, 302, Redshirt Freshman

Left Guard
#65 Mike Decker, 6-1, 278, Junior
#60 Adam Benke, 6-5, 314, Sophomore

#78 Drew Mormino, 6-4, 301, Senior
#57 Adam Antonides, 6-4, 285, Redshirt Freshman

Right Guard
#69 Eric Tunney, 6-3, 290, Junior
#56 Andrew Cribbs, 6-5, 309, Sophomore

Right Tackle
#74 Andrew Hartline, 6-5, 285, Sophomore
#70 Jeff Gilbert, 6-7, 302, Redshirt Freshman

The group as a whole lacks athleticism but played decently against Boston College. Joe Staley is the star of the line at left tackle. He is probably the most mobile lineman and will be the main pull blocker of the group. He is able to stick with pass rushers well and shows he is a capable run blocker. Staley ran a very impressive 4.7 forty at Central Michigan’s junior pro day last year as well. Right tackle Andrew Hartline is very limited athletically but shows decent power. Hartline plays too stiff to be a standout tackle but he is serviceable for the Chippewa’s. The interior line doesn’t feature any real standouts but it does have good experience and it shows in their technique. One thing the group must work on is adjusting to blitzes in pass protection. Too often extra rushers were not picked up against Boston College.  That led to sacks and broken plays.

Special Teams:
Place Kicker

#28 Rick Albreski, 6-0, 151, Sophomore

#35 Tony Mikulec, 5-8, 214, Junior

Punt Returner
#3 Damien Linson, 5-11, 184, Senior
#2 Jemmy Jasmin, 5-8, 162, Junior

Kick Returner
#2 Jemmy Jasmin, 5-8, 162, Junior
#3 Damien Linson, 5-11, 184, Senior

Rick Albreski was decent last year as a true freshman, hitting 10 of 19 field goals and 31 of 32 extra points. The team is hoping he can improve his long distance kicking with more experience.

Punter Tony Mikulec doesn’t have a strong leg but is very good at pinning opponents inside their 20. Central Michigan runs an unconventional punt formation that uses three linemen to one side of the snapper along with three gunners, and three backfield blockers set up half way between the line of scrimmage and the punter. Expect for Mikulec on some occasions to run east and west with the ball before punting it.

Damien Linson and Jemmy Jasmin are capable return men but the blocking on special teams has been rather sub-par. The coverage units on special teams need work as well.

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