Joseph Barksdale: Michigan? No Michigan?

Detroit Cass Tech DT Joseph Barksdale talks to Allen Wallace. If you read his list of favorites you'd conclude that Michigan is on the outside looking in. But then if you look at the list of games he plans on attending ...

Joseph Barksdale Profile

Four-star defensive tackle (ranked No. 16 by Joseph Barksdale (6-5.5, 315, 4.9) from Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) already has 10 tackles, five tackles for loss and two sacks in just two games. Detroit Cass Tech is 1-1.

Barksdale denies a leader but said he favors Ohio State, Texas, Notre Dame, Tennessee, LSU, Miami and USC. He named the schools in this order and all have offered.

"Things have changed drastically for me," Barksdale said. "My mom wants me to keep my options open and take all of my visits. I decided to take a step back and really think about everything and enjoy the process. I don't want to rush into it."

He has scheduled an official visit to Notre Dame on September 16. "I saw the Notre Dame/Georgia Tech game and was impressed with how good Georgia Tech was," Barksdale said. "Notre Dame struggled but I think they'll still have a good shot to go all the way. They are really good and I think coach Charlie Weis is a great coach. I like the situation I'd be getting in to as a defensive tackle because they are going to need help. I also really like their grad rate and fan support."

Barksdale also plans to attend the Michigan vs Ohio State game on November 18 unofficially and he'll also be at the Michigan vs Michigan State rivalry game on October 7.

"I'm looking forward to the Ohio State/Texas game this weekend," Barksdale said. "I know it'll be a good game. I think it'll be really tough and it'll come down to who wants it more and who works the hardest. I think it'll say a lot about the team and the coaches. I'll be watching the defense closely and see what kind of schemes they're running and how well the players are prepared.

"I really want to see how well all these schools do this season and see how everything shakes out," Barksdale said. "I'd like to play for a program that is known for producing good defensive lineman and getting guys ready for the NFL. That's why I like USC. They are a powerhouse and dominate their conference every year. They are always in good bowl games and send lots of players to the NFL."

He reports a 3.5 GPA and a 22 ACT. Barksdale plans to graduate early.

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